Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞

List of known issues / bugs
(Updated regularly)

Card usage

  • Topping up with a credit card is NOT supported. It has to be a debit card.
  • Because it is a prepaid card, ATMs will say that you might be charged for cash withdrawals but don’t worry, you are NOT!
  • Mag stripe ATMs will not work with our card (particularly annoying in America)
    *Monzo cards don’t support cash back services whilst operating on a prepaid card scheme
  • Casinos will not allow withdrawals from the Monzo card due to the card not having a name on it (required for verification)
  • Cards only work at ATM’s showing the Mastercard symbol (There have been issues with Link cash machines)
  • Cards may not work at Verifone contactless payment terminals

Known Issues + Bugs iOS Specific 

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I actually really like that. A clean and simple integer of what I’ve spent in a day. Unless you’re a train spotter, does anyone care what pence they’ve spent in a day?

Maybe a long-press to show the pence (or customise that experience in a settings page).


So did the designer :smiley: - but we have had many complaints that it is confusing so we are changing to show the exact amount but trying to make it as uncluttered as possible…


The updated balance format looks really good


Yep. Much clearer :slight_smile:

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As of the newest update yesterday (version 149), your international transactions should show the amount in the local currency as well as in GBP! :money_with_wings: Shout out to @oliver for his work on this :clap:


Used my card for the first time today (internationally no less!). All working as expected - really liking the display of both currencies - and the good conversion rate!

Found a small bug in the initial “use your card for the first time to unlock the app screen”. Opening the app on this screen will pause any playing music for some reason - I’m guessing there is either a sound that’s supposed to play, or the CoreAudio library is being unnecessarily invoked.


Great, glad it worked well @bedfordsean :slight_smile: The pausing music is a known bug and @james is working on it I think. Thank you!


Deliveroo seems to have just stopped working with my Mondo card. Any known issues with them?

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Hey @billinghamj, was that just now or in general?

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Just now - tried 3 times and the transaction was declined each time. Previously have used Mondo with Deliveroo with no problems.

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@billinghamj: Sorry about that - we’re currently experiencing an outage and I’ll post more details here. Will let you know as soon as it’s back up and running!

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Ah okay. I did wonder if that might be the issue, but didn’t see any status updates.

Might be useful if you had some kind of automatically-updating status page?

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Yes for sure - it’s in the works :slight_smile:

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I have found what I believe to be a small bug. Apologies if it’s been mentioned elsewhere.
After typing in a search criteria, when you scroll through the list of transactions the cancel button gets disabled.

This means you need to tap back on the search bar before you can hit cancel.


Another to add to the list of merchants who don’t support the Mondo BIN/IIN: Tesco Bank (for paying balance off a credit card)

Edit: have tweeted at them about it.

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Thanks James! Have added them to the list.

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Some fixes in the newest app update to these - playing music should no longer get paused for example. We also now have new chip settings for all the cards we’re giving out which means your first few contactless payments should no longer be delayed and your first purchase can now be contactless :slight_smile:


No more blue place holder icons in the feed!