Using Monzo everywhere: improving merchant acceptance

Here’s an update on what we’re doing to make sure you can use your Monzo card everywhere.


a great blog, thanks


What about on aeroplanes? I overheard a number of passengers being told they couldn’t use Monzo the other day.

Great blog!

One of my close friends works for easyJet, he said a memo went out the other week saying not to accept Monzo onboard as they never get the money. He has a Monzo card and knows this shouldn’t be the case. Hopefully Monzo will be in touch to resolve this.


Interesting article.It is frustrating if it happens but I have not encountered Monzo acceptance issues for a long time.

Small error in the one minute guide:

If the card doesn’t work and other Mastercards work, then it is likely like your system
needs to be updated.


Good to know what’s happening behind the scenes! I haven’t had any issues so far…going to test it across Asia Pacific/South Asia next month :slight_smile:

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Would I be correct in the assumption that the retailers that block Monzo cards won’t be able to tell if you are using Monzo if you use a mobile payment system like Apple Pay or Google Pay?


@Clee - what about ATM’s still saying we might get charged? My laziest self hates the extra step of getting cash out!


Not unless they see the card on the screen. They don’t actually block them, they just see it when you go to use it and shout NO! :laughing:. From my understanding it’s against Mastercard rules to say for example I’m only going to accept Lloyds Bank Debit Mastercard and not Monzo Debit Mastercard.


Specsavers have just said to me they can’t find sort code

It was a bit of a stalemate

I said it’s a new bank, you’ve not updated records, worked looked as if nothing they can do


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That’s a shame, best let monzo support know so they can get in touch, either that or report it to BACS who say merchants should update these lists once a month.

They will contact the company to remind them of their obligations. They always follow up.


You think through in app or email accpetance@ ?

I’d probably email accpetance@ at least it goes directly to the right team then, save cops passing the message on maybe?

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I had no problems with Easyjet, they sometimes just ask if this is a current account debit card.


Hey Ben

Thanks for flagging. Do you mind writing in about this via the app so we can get a record of it?

Kind regards

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:see_no_evil: Tried to save them a bit of time ended up causing more work :smiley:

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Seems some of the staff there know about Monzo, they likely had some issues with the prepaid cards then.

Funny :cowboy_hat_face:

There could be something in this. I made purchases on two easyJet flights in April using Monzo, and I’ve only paid for one.

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