Top up via card

Hi all,

As you know we are working around ways to help you topping up your Mondo cards much faster. This is a WIP version of the flow we’re considering right now.

What do you think about topping up from Apple Pay? Would you like any other way for topping up your Mondo cards that we are currently missing?



I think [Sneak peek] is my favourite part of this forum already! :heart:


I like the Wire frames- simple and clean. The dark background is pleasing Is there a subtle theme I see emerging- white backgrounds are the spend, dark backgrounds are the account management and Maintenance?

My current UK banks (Metro & Cater Allen) can’t do Apple Pay yet- but hey that’s not your problem! My UK cc & US debit cards can.

Well spotted :smile: We try to have reasons behind every design decision.

We’re still figuring out certain aspects of our visual language but overall you could say that light screens are about transactions and payments while dark backgrounds represent horizontal actions, account and card related, sign up and onboarding.

At some point I’m sure we’ll make exceptions to deal with new features and face new tradeoffs but so far it’s a good way of keeping things organised and grow new flows as a consistent part of the system.

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What might be useful (especially until I can have my salary paid to this account) is to set up an auto-topup with a saved card once you balance goes below a user-defined amount.


That’s spot on! Thanks!!

What would you like to do exactly? To define an amount that triggers a top up once your balance goes under a certain threshold?

Yep, something like “if my balance goes below £_____ then top up £_____ from my saved card” with both amounts configurable. Of course that would be entirely optional to set up.


Would I be able to top up from a credit card? Or would that count as a cash advance?

I’m afraid we’ll take debit cards only.

Big +1 to Apple Pay from me


Will you be saving card details for top up by card? If not then Apple Pay would be important for me (as getting the card out is a hassle!)

Auto top-up would be interesting though I’d personally like a bit more control over it - how about a notification asking whether we want to top up once balance is running low and letting us approve it then?

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hey James, sorry about the delay coming back to you.

Definitely, we’re planning to store the details so you can top up with a single tap. Regarding your comment about “auto top up” I think what we’re building will suite almost exactly what you want, a notification and a tap to confirm :slight_smile:


Yay - it’s out! Topping up via card works great, and it’s nearly instant. :+1:


Just got the update, topped up via Apple pay. Almost instant. Great jobs guys!

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It does seem odd though that I can’t top up a specific amount of my choice. Often I like to top up a specific decimal amount to ‘clean up’ the balance in my main bank account to a round number.


When I use Apple Pay, is the transaction on the account the funds are coming out of treated as a cash advance/transfer or as a regular purchase?

I have a TSB account which gives me 5% back on the first £100 of contactless transactions per month. Would be handy to transfer that much on the 1st of each month, claim the 5% back and use Mondo almost exclusively.

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Hey @billinghamj that’s a very interesting behaviour that we’re fully aware. In fact part of the Mondo team are a bit OCD about it too, the beauty of round up numbers, etc. They’re all hating me for that :slight_smile:

The reason for not having it is twofold, classic design trade-off.

  1. We want a simple progressive input. If we bring a keyboard we need to deal with limits, decimals, errors, an extra zero can be a huge mistake and the keyboard will cover the payment buttons (so you need a dismiss, etc.) There are ways to avoid all this (in fact many of these problems will affect us once we build P2P payments and the user types the amount to transfer) but it’s not worth it at this point.

  2. Once we are a bank you’ll get your paycheck in Mondo to “top up”, and you don’t get to decide how much you earn each month. So we don’t want to incentivise “fake” top ups that don’t correspond at all with real spending needs. Does it make sense?

Okay, so in which case:

  1. does your API support arbitrary amounts?

  2. can I still top up manually by sending you money?

Yes it does. Always within the limits of the terms and conditions :slightly_smiling:

I’m afraid not. Once this feature is fully rolled out this will be the only way for topping up. After that we’ll add “auto top-up” to make it even easier.

Good question. We’re not 100% sure but our gut feeling is it will count as a regular purchase. Would love to know what the answer is when you find out :slightly_smiling:

Amusingly, you can actually use Mondo as the payment card for a top-up. Perhaps some kind of check should happen to prevent this?