Known issues / bugs πŸ›πŸœπŸž

(campbell_crystal) #21

Totally agree, I noticed that β€œfeature” and liked it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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(Warren Doyle) #22

Are you able to add β€˜Waitrose’ to your list of Contactless Merchants that currently have issues with Mondo (Chip and pin is perfectly fine)

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(leah) #23

Hi Warren!

Thanks for reporting! We haven’t received a decline message for your contactless attempt at Waitrose so it’s a separate issue to the known issues for Morrisons and Superdrug.

It could either be a one-off (terminals also have counters and every x transactions they can force a transaction to be chip and pin) or it could be that Waitrose do not accept some contactless transactions from prepaid cards (which would be quite an unusual setting for the terminals).

Would you be able to try again at some point and let us know if you still get a decline?


(Warren Doyle) #24

Of course I will - I also have the declined receipt containing auth codes if you want a copy of that as well.

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(leah) #25

If it doesn’t work again (or you feel like uploading through the in app chat now) that would be fantastic - the more information, the better! :slightly_smiling:

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(Joe Wroe) #26

This maybe a bug / new feature or maybe I’ve just not figured out how to do it yet… but the search feature doesn’t seem to be able to support searches by dates or particular time periods. What would be quite nice would be to type in β€˜last weekend’ for instance and you get a list of transactions from last weekend, or a date range, say, β€˜22nd to the 25th of this month’, for example.

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(Tristan Thomas) #27

Hey @JoeWroe, yes for sure! We have plans to make search much more powerful and intuitive - this is very much a first stab at it :slight_smile:

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(steve1) #28

Asda Pay at Pump failed for me yesterday. Transaction cancelled before I’d got to PIN entry. You’ve mentioned Tesco Pay at Pump doesn’t work, so I imagine this is a similar issue.

EDIT: Sorry, just spotted a different thread I probably should have reported this in. Will do it now

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(Philip Stears) #29

Just a note to say - my other half and I used Qkr! to pay at Wagamama last night and it went through fine.

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(Tristan Thomas) #30

That’s great @philipstears, thank you. We had got in touch with them but hadn’t heard back confirmation of it being fixed :slight_smile: I’ll remove it from the list now

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(Tristan Thomas) pinned globally #31
(Ed Morgan) #32

So I used my card at Just-Eat before reading this thread, and although it declined (twice) on the website my card appears to have been debited? Not sure if there’s some sort of disconnect going on between the app and the payment mechanism there?

(Tristan Thomas) #33

Hi @mo6020, don’t worry! JustEat are meant to automatically reverse that but if they don’t, it will happen automatically within 10 days. Totally understand that’s a pain to wait for though so if you send a message through the yellow in-app support button we can reverse it for you :slight_smile:

(Ed Morgan) #34

No problem my end, it was a negligible amount (and I submitted a bug report through the app anyway), I just wanted to make sure it was something you knew about =)

(yentl.bresseleers) #35

Was not able to pay contactless (tried twice on different occasions) at Co-operative Food, regents park branch. Anyone else experienced this?

Chip & Pin works fine

(Joe Wroe) #36

Possibly a bug with β€˜The Pulse’: I have just visited my parents for the weekend, which was lovely, and very cheap! infact, I didn’t spend a penny. What I have noticed is that β€˜The Pulse’ graph does not seem to have updated itself automatically at the start of the day (i.e my zero spend day has not shown up). I assume this is due to the graph relying on an input into the feed before it recalculates itself or something?

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(leah) #37

I believe so Joe :slightly_smiling: Has it updated now?

(leah) #38

I haven’t heard that from anyone else Yentl but will keep my eyes peeled for similar reports. Glad chip and pin went through fine :slightly_smiling:

(Joe Wroe) #39

@leah It’s updated since I’ve spent on it again now. Would it be possible for the graph to periodically submit a request to the server to keep it up to date or something?

(Rika) #40

Confirming that Morrisons/My Local still declines on contactless. Forgot about the known issue while getting bread today. Also, their self checkouts are still terrible.

Edit: Is it possible to report the known issue in the notification? What I got was β€œWe don’t know the reason yet, sorry.”