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Going to Vegas Saturday, will be first time using card abroad - any tips?

Card should just work should’nt it?



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Check out this topic :arrow_down:

But yes the card should just work…even so make sure you take a backup card just in case, Monzo is still in beta :wink:

(Graham) #3

Card worked great for what I used it. Didn’t use cash machine but used in a few shops, bought show tickets online and las Vegas bus day pass using their app. No charges and better exchange rate than travelex gave me.

Got a free trip back to airport with uber with voucher handed out on Vegas strip. Screenshot shows uber card check.


Good afternoon.

I’m off to Vegas on Thursday. I’m was considering paying my hotel room booking with my Monzo card (booked the room via

Has anyone used the card for this type of transaction? And if so, has there been any problems?

The room is approx. £500, so within the 30 day transaction limit.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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@matthewwwood I used Monzo with recently, but I haven’t actually been in room I booked yet. My booking was successful, but payment won’t be taken for some time - it actually has ‘pay at the property’, so I expect to use Monzo again at the hotel to finish payment. I can hardly think it could fail if booking with card was confirmed already (as long as ther’s sufficient amount of funds on account).
Let me know how deals with your cash, I’m quite interested too. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply.

I originally booked and reserved my room using my Barclays debit card. What I’m worried about is moving £500 onto my Monzo card, the hotel declining it, and then I can’t move it back.

I wouldn’t be so bothered if it was a small transaction, but I can’t really afford to be £500 short.

Hmmmm what to do!! :sunglasses:

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you don’t usually pay for the hotel room in europe until you have stayed and are about to leave , in that time buy a drink in the hotel bar - if it works transfer the money from your registered card onto Monzo - max payment is £1000 in one go- make sure you are verified user and enable mag strip before you go :slight_smile:

(Marta) #8

If this was anything else, I’d consider cancelling booking and rebooking it quickly with Monzo card… But knowing and various fancy stories, you could risk being charged twice and untangling this would be next to impossible.

Double check if you are supposed to pay on arrival. If so, ask them to take payment from different card. If they agree/see no issue, you can then quickly transfer monies to Monzo and give Monzo card.

In some cases, hotel takes money before you even arrive (this depends on your deal/T&Cs). In this case, I don’t think you have any option. I guess, you could be outraged (if you were not supposed to be charged before arrival), then/or ask for refund then pay again, but that seems like a lot of hassle.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

I changed my booking card through booking .com from my lloyds card to Monzo prior to arriving in "your booking "section - in Austria - no problems , no problems paying in two transactions at the hotel when I checked out


Thanks for the replies guys. Will have a think about it :sunglasses:

(Lisa Barnett) #11

I’d like to know about this, travelling to Vegas in April, just sent off for my Monzo card, never used a card like this before but will have my debit and credit as back ups.
I also have booked via and paid a deposit on my debit card and full amount on arrival.
What is the credit limit?
I thought you could load as much as you like before you go?
I need to have £600 on there for accommodation and probably another £1000 for spends.

Also worried about no name on the card so how will they allow transactions above $20? I’m likely going to be eating in strip restaurants and want to spends about $200 in hot topic in one transaction

(Alex Sherwood) #12

You can check Monzo’s limits here.

I’d recommend cross referencing them against the limits in the settings page of the app to make sure that you’re a verified user. If you’re not, you can contact the customer support team, using the in-app chat, to complete the verification process.

As far as I remember, this doesn’t seem to have been an issue for other users in the US, most of the advice / feedback is here -

but it is an issue in UK casinos -


Just got back from USA. I was in San Francisco, LA, Vegas and Palm Springs and used my card in restaurants shops and ATM’s without any problems.
Many of my transaction were over £20 but was only asked for ID once and when I explained it was a prepaid card, the payment was made without any issues.
I used Chase bank to withdraw money and was charged $3 per transaction regardless of if I chose checking, credit or saving. I just made sure that I turned on the magnetic strip on the morning if the day I planned to withdraw money.

PROS : Card was easy to use. I was able the regulate my spending better, and the exchange rate was better than UK banks and all the currency exchange places I looked at. Also monzo support via chat was quick, easy and very helpful.

CONS: Not Monzos fault, but I would not use the card in restaurants next time. The whole double charging process before & after tips and then needing to wait 5 days for a refund meant that I had to top up my card more than wanted, or have no money to spend till the refunds come through. Other option would be to leave the tip in cash. Wish I had thought of that before!
Also I higher daily ATM withdraw limit would have been useful. Normalky this would. Ot have been an issue, but for this trip the £250 per day was not enough
That said, I would definitely recommend using the card abroad, but do take another card for back up!