Card Acceptance - Getting worse?


When I first signed up to Monzo around Sep 18 I had the odd challenge with it being accepted for things like direct debits, card payments etc. No Biggie, it was a challenger bank and I liked it (still do :grin:)

Over time it got better & better with acceptance etc, as you would expect.

Just recently though,I’ve had a spate of issues with Monzo being accepted.

  1. Getting Euro’s at post office - don’t accept Monzo
  2. New Direct Debit for Car - took 4, four attempts for it to be setup as it kept failing
  3. Buying at Liverpool Airport, last week, card wouldn’t work contactless, only via Chip/Pin
  4. On Plane, EasyJet were unsure about taking it, had to check and eventually agreed
  5. In Tenerife, Card wouldn’t work contactless on any machine, had to put it in each time. Apple pay was intermittent
    6.On way back, card kept failing in machine at airport, eventually worked via Apple Pay
  6. On car park on way out contactless kept failing.

Strange thing is I used my card in Minorca last year no drama’s, and it is working fine in the uk each & every time apart from over the last month now & again

Now - it may well be my card has become faulty, this happens. However, my experience over the last month is that Monzo is becoming less & less accepted by places, surely this should be the other way around?

Please dont think of this as a rant - I intend to remain #fullmonzo, but the more this happens the more I’m looking at re-opening with a legacybank :eyes:

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I’d start with the card. Anything at an airport is likely high use and not well maintained (from what I’ve seen at least) so it might be the sensitivity of those machines + an ageing Card/Chip??

  1. Not sure on the Post Office thing, that might be standard (or just one Post Office gone rogue?)
  2. DD isn’t linked to the card, is it? That’s to your bank account?
  3. Buying what? and where? Might be a vendor issue?
  4. EasyJet staff need better training
  5. Poor technology infrastructure more likely?
  6. High use, wonky machines?

Just my thoughts, I get it might seem like card acceptance is getting worse given the proximity of those experiences!


Yeah, it’s entirely possible I’ve just been unlucky tbf.

Just seemed of late I had account acceptance,card acceptance & card functionality issues when until recently it had all been fine :slight_smile:

orders new card again :eyes:


Maybe it’s YOU! My Mum was convinced, for years, that she would break things like bank cards because of static electricity that she was ‘prone’ to… now, I love my Mum but… yeah, no.


This is possible ha

My mum exactly the same with Tech :joy:

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I had no issues at all in Tenerife when it was prepaid card so 2016/17

Aleady tried to add DD to Tui for a holiday but even now still fails bit that’s down to sort code😉

If it helps, I’m full monzo and haven’t experienced any issues for ages - the only one I can remember in the last year is the toll bridge in Dublin. They wouldn’t even let us try the card and I suspect that was a hangover from prepaid days.

Although my sister did have a couple of issues a few months ago trying to set up direct debits with Debenhams store card and a less well-known insurance company (Go Skippy).

  1. This is likely down to the way the Post Office process card transactions - they do it a non-standard way in order to get an extra commission fee, IIRC, and as Monzo don’t have an agreement for banking services with the PO that’s why it won’t work with any of their cards.

  2. Historically Easyjet have been problematic. When Monzo were still using pre-paid cards, EasyJet staff were told not to accept them. Since they were all migrated to full account cards they work fine. Possibly you had an EasyJet staff member who was half-remembering the historic issues/instructions.

3, 5, 6. As others have noted, this sounds like an issue with the physical card. Hopefully the new one you’ve ordered will work better. (I had to replace a card because it was dodgy with contactless also, new one works perfectly)

  1. This is the only instance that sticks out as a genuine acceptance issue. Possibly they had to update their BIN table or something similar? It might be worth flagging it through the in-app chat so Monzo acceptance staff can investigate if necessary.

One of of six ain’t bad, I don’t think the problem is as bad as you fear. I think the fact you have a faulty card is queering the pitch.

That said! I’d say opening an account with a legacy bank is still a good idea. Even if 99% of the time you never touch it, it’ll give you options - especially if they give you a VISAc card - in the event there are any problems with Monzo acceptance or the Mastercard network. I still have my legacy account open, barely use it, but it’s there if I need it.


Regarding 3,5 and 6 - sounds like your card may be defective/damaged.

I went to Tenerife (on EasyJet fwiw) in Jan, and had no Monzo acceptance issues whatsoever - everywhere I tried contactless it worked first time, it worked in every ATM I used it in, no problems at all for me.

I’d echo what’s been said here - order a replacement card in the app and see if that makes a difference. In the last 12 months I’ve used my card in Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria without any problems. It certainly sounds like there’s an issue with contactless on your card, so replacing it will eliminate that.

If you have do have issues with specific merchants (such as EasyJet, Car Direct Debit) then please let us know through chat. We do follow up all merchant acceptance problems, but if we don’t know about them we can’t :blush:

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Agree here too. On the very odd occasion my HSBC Visa Debit has had issues with a Chip/PIN reader, and the cashier has insisted that rubbing the chip clean will magically make it work, I just humour them, and assume that it is in fact their card reader that is failing.

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I absolutely agree. To be honest, opening a second account of any kind (legacy or challenger) is a must. And as has been said, one of each of VISA/MasterCard is a good idea too. I have very little sympathy for people who are but in difficult situations because they only have one bank account.

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Rubbing them with greasy fingers will make it worse :stuck_out_tongue:

If the cashier got out a bottle of IPA* and cleaned it with that, it might make a difference.

  • No, not the beer…

I’m a chemist so I understood you straight away :slight_smile:

This is kind of related:

I used to work by a POS and 9/10 times cleaning the chip would make the card work when it said card not recognised or card error

And blowing on Nintendo cartridges always made them work too.

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For the first time, last night, my Monzo card failed to work. Twice.

Reverted to legacy HSBC that worked no issue.

Admittedly, the first time I’d had Monzo decline (despite plentiful funds available).

Did it fail contactless or chip and pin? Don’t forget that new rules now mean that after so many contactless charges up to a certain value, you need to use chip and pin for a transaction to ‘authorise’ continuing with contactless again.

The app should warn you when you’re getting near that though? I generally use ApplePay for most payments now which avoids that rule.