Gotta catch 'em all — The Monzo Current Account Preview testing challenge 🏆

If you’re one of the lucky few with a current account, you’ll know that we’ve released it early to get help testing and finding edge cases that we can’t find ourselves :slight_smile: One area that often generates weird issues is merchants not accepting our cards/doing something odd with them. So, we’d love your help in seeing whether merchants that historically had some issues with our cards are any better with these (and if they’re not, we’ll work out why and fix it!).

This challenge is only open to people with the newest Monzo debit cards — that means you’ll have the new Mastercard logo on your card. You’ll also either have your name or the words Monzo Bank printed on the bottom left of the card.

Below is a list that @leah has compiled of merchants that have caused issues in the past, either because they block payments or are offline only. For every successfully tested merchant (whether it works or not), we’ll send you a Monzo t-shirt (design of choice from! :tada:

Post a screenshot of your transaction at the merchant in this thread and we’ll check a) all looks good for it on the backend on our side and b) you’re not fibbing :wink: If someone has already posted a screenshot from a merchant/that category of merchant, that t-shirt is no longer up for grabs. We may add to this list over time — we’ll post a comment too when that happens. That’s about it for rules — use your common sense please :pray:

20 t-shirts up for grabs :tshirt: and lifelong kudos:

  • Lyft
  • Uber :white_check_mark:
  • Pay at Pump petrol pumps (excluding Tesco and Costco) :-1:
  • Parking Meters
  • Arriva and Cross Country (onboard purchases)
  • West Quay Multi Storey
  • Swan centre top car park
  • Sagepay :white_check_mark:
  • Tesco Bank :-1:
  • Paddy Power :-1:
  • Stan James :-1:
  • Pull and Bear Online :white_check_mark:
  • Brewdog Online :white_check_mark:
  • Sky Bet :-1:
  • EE phone network :-1:
  • CostCo
  • The National Lottery :-1:
  • Brand Vending Machines
  • Huel :white_check_mark:
  • Contactless at Morrisons :white_check_mark: and Superdrug :white_check_mark:
  • Withdrawing cash at Post Office counter

Thank you! :heart_eyes:


Wait, what there’s new cards!? Even newer then the one I got last week?


Firstly, how do we get a new card :eyes:

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You get given one when you join the current account preview, after Monzo started issuing them, presumably not long after this tweet :slight_smile:

Please can no one ask whether they can get the new version of the debit card, even though they have the old version already :pray: Deep down, you already know the answer.

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mine doesnt say Monzo Bank or my name at the bottom left but is a Monzo debit card ???

  • edit - lol - where do I get the new version of the debit card ??
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Then you have the old version of the debit card, like me.


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oh woe for the early adopters :sob:



Does an active card check count? :wink: No issues adding my card to Uber from my end

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Ah this isn’t fair!! Can I get a new card please?! :frowning:

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In the session on Tuesday 8th August they were giving out ‘1st’ and ‘2nd gen’ cards 50/50. The ‘new’ ones came on a white letter addressed to Richard Dingwall.
I have one of the 2nd gen cards so will see if I can help with the request above!


Doesn’t like the card at a Tesco


OK everybody, just hold fire until next Tuesday :wink: :joy::joy:

@tristan - Do all future events now bring the 2nd Gen card? :slight_smile: Or is there still a chance that we could receive the ‘old’ one? :slight_smile:

That looks like a white dot after the MasterCard logo. The latest 2nd gen cards have a new logo followed by a black dot.

Card version problem?

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My card has the new logo and monzo bank printed on it.
So unless there’s a 3rd version mines the new one

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We were given the option of both on Tuesday


Don’t worry to much about these “new” cards, there’s already New New cards and even these won’t be the final cards… As a collector of cards i’d be happy i got one of the limited edition “white-core, old MC logo originals…” :wink:


Heading to CostCo when I get back to the UK in a week or so, so hopefully nobody nabs a shirt before then for it :wink:


Huel went through, screenshot is pending but the order is confirmed.


God damn it you beat me by two minutes. :(:cry: