Declined or returned transactions are still counted as Outcome

(jan) #1

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I’ve found out that all incoming transactions don’t decrease “Spent today” value (declined payment, returned payment).

Cheers, Jan

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey @jan, yep that’s correct at the moment – definitely on the roadmap to fix :slight_smile:

(David Sulitzer) #3

Please make sure you can “cancel out” an expense even if the reimbursement occurs days after the purchase.

I have an interesting use case which I’d like to know your opinion on.

I very often order clothes from Thread; it’s a service to try clothes on, you then return what you don’t want and keep what you’d like to buy.
The issue is that they charge you before trying the clothes on and then re-imburse you what you returned once they receive it.

In the best of worlds the first payment would never even show and the day they re-imburse me I’d get a notification specifying the final amount I have eventually paid. (first payment minus re-imbursement)

Do you have any ideas on how to solve that?



Sorry to go off topic but would you recommend Thread? I have an account but I’ve not yet ordered anything. I’ve been tempted to pull trigger on a purchase a few times.

(David Sulitzer) #5

It’s amazing, I recommend it 100%!!!
I order on average every 2 weeks I think :smile:

It’s truly changed the way I try, buy and wear clothes. (and trust me I wasn’t a fashionista when I started using Thread 2 years ago but now I get more pleasure out of trying different styles)

It gets rid of 3 friction points:

  • Too much choice on the high st.
  • Pressure from the sales people in the shop
  • Have to block out time on off-work days to go shopping

Now I can take as long as I want to try anything I want in the privacy of my own room on a work day with no pressure from either the sales person or friends. And the restricted tailored selection you chose from means you’re more likely to give new things a try. AND don’t be scared to order loads and return everything! I once ordered for 800£ worth of clothes and only bought one item worth £20 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (they really don’t care)
Returning the stuff is a blast thanks to Collect+, make sure you have one nearby, they’re usually opened till 11pm every day!


That’s brilliant. Thanks for the info. I’ll refine my selections on the site and give it a go. Thanks again :slight_smile: