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(Naji Esiri) #1

Declines (Automatically blocked)
Some merchants automatically block prepaid cards. The ones we are aware of are

  • Sagepay
  • Tesco Bank
  • Paddy Power
  • Stan James
  • Pull and Bear Online
  • Brewdog Online
  • Sky Bet

Other Issues

  • Some online supermarkets take a nominal ’pre-auth’ payment of Β£1 which is refunded within 10 days. If it’s a larger amount please feel free to contact us via the app and we can process this sooner.
    In some cases;
  • The card shows up on the EE phone network payment system as β€˜not from the UK’ and will be declined for this reason

We’d appreciate you sharing any other declines you’ve encountered when using Monzo. It would be equally helpful to hear of any vendors listed above which you have made successful transactions with :raised_hands:

We’ll keep the pinned post updated regularly & will do our best to work with these merchants to get Monzo unblocked, but any contacts you have would also be very helpful :kissing_heart:

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Three top up fail
(Karim) #3

I am able to topup my Starbucks card via the Starbucks mobile app using Monzo. I have been able to do so since day 1 I got my card

(Chris Roberts) #4

I just topped up my Starbucks card in the app, and it worked first time.

(James Billingham) #5

Hmm I have successfully used my Mondo card with EDF Energy, Tesco Bank, and EE.

(Andy) #7

Any update as to when Sky Bet will be accepting Monzo card? Update from the merchant?


There is no update on Sky Bet accepting the current Monzo pre paid card as their policy is to only accept debit cards for gambling and not to accept pre paid card and we are not going to get them to change their policy on this. However with the launch of the current account will come a regular debit card so this limitation will not apply then and you will be able to use that new card to gamble.

(Andy) #9

Any further news on the current account?


As @Tom has recently said

(Craig Saunders) #11

I heard it was summer 2017, according to sources on twitter.


It is being staggered from just staff now and then rolling it out to some customers before a wider launch to the public (which may or may not be around June time) and they are currently recruiting additional customer service staff to cope with anticipated workloads.

(Jay) #13

DriveNow doesn’t accept Monzo cards during the sign-up process as there is no name on the card.

(Colin Robinson) #14

It’s become unpinned? Always used to be at the top of the forum.

(Naji Esiri) #15

It’s pinned at the top of the Bug Reports section of the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

(Colin Robinson) #16

Thanks @Naji

It’s pinned where you say it is but I’m sure it also used to be pinned at the main forum level?:

(Alex Sherwood) #17

It was :slight_smile: the main list gets filled up quite quickly when topics are pinned to it, every now & then (because of the post previews) so I think it was moved to the dedicated category to make room.


Paypal uk does not accept monzo card, Does the card have AVS

(Alex Sherwood) #19

Could you please explain what you mean by β€˜does not accept Monzo cards’?

There are several posts in the community where users have reported comparability with PayPal for some of their functionality, for example -


Paypal works for me - I use it for foreign transactions

(Richard Bairwell) #21

Bing Ads will do an active card check, but will still reject the card (without saying why: just β€œinvalid details”).

(Marco) #22

Carphone Warehouse doesnΒ΄t let me order online with my Monzocard. And it’s only a PAYG handset.