✅ Debit card pot to pay from / spend from pots / pay from pot (Monzo Plus Virtual Card)

Was thinking about my up and coming holiday, currently I am saving to a pot for my spending money with the intension of then moving the money into my main account for spending when on holiday, suddenly I had a thought, wouldn’t it be great if all the pots had a checkbox that if selected would be where any debit card payments could come from, this would allow me to simply click my holiday pot and bang, I’m using that pot without having to move money, keeping everything simply, allowing me to stay on budget according to my holiday pot £££ and therefore avoid messing about with my normal everyday money. Obviously only 1 pot could Evey be selected as the pot to use, and going forward this would have to not interfere with the committed spending pot that I hope is in the not to distant future.

Is this a good idea? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

This is how we use categories. On a recent holiday we moved our £500 spending money into the main account and categorised all holiday spending as holiday, regardless of whether it was eating out or entertainment etc.

For me, pots are for setting money aside whereas categories are for compartmentalising your spending

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Do you not think it would be easier just to select a pot to use for the duration of your holiday?

I don’t use the catagories all that much, but maybe I should look into it… :slight_smile:


It’s a valid alternative, but i do find the categories/budgets useful now I’m using them properly.

The only issue with the categories is they all sit in the 1 month period. My holiday was a week so it suggested I was overspending and skewed the overall month to appear as though I was going to go over budget.

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You might find a toggle for the Holiday category useful for Holiday budgeting. Using a Holiday category toggle would mean you could categorise a transaction as Holiday and Entertainment/Eating Out/Travel etc…

You can vote for a Holiday toggle here:

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Wouldn’t an easy work around be to the following just as you start your holiday:

  1. Create a pot and add all your normal everyday money to it.
  2. Transfer all your holiday pot £££ to your main account.

Yeah, that would work, I just figured a toggle on each pot would be a great feature that many people would use for things over and above holiday spending. In theory it would be very similar to the rounding up toggle as all it really does is identity the pot to drop the change in, this toggle would identify the pot to spend from when the debit card is used.



Except this approach is less practical if you’re ‘full monzo’. I like the ‘spend straight from a pot’ idea. Spookily simple.


I’m good at simple, I been practicing forever… :rofl::joy::rofl:


Go up top and vote… :slight_smile:

I’ve been up top…:grinning:

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I guess this would almost make it like the curve card but you would have all your accounts with 1 bank, the more I think about this idea the more comfortable I am getting to the idea that I might be a fecking genius… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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This was originally suggested a year or two ago but nothing’s been mentioned in a while. We may see it one day but I think Monzo think of pots a little differently to this.

Edit: found this from a year ago 'Active' pot for card payments


You may be, Trev, but I reckon you’ve exhausted your weekend stash of emojis…:flushed:


To be honest, I think it’s very unlikely that I’m a genius. :grin:

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That’s modesty for you.

I suspect if you’re left-handed, can paint and do long division (or something) you’re a genius. Live with it…:smiley:

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Another great example of when this would be good, since monzo is for the kids of today and some of us from yesteryear who have jump on the rollercoaster, who remembers the old pub kitty, everyone throws £20 in the kitty and that’s the drinks money sorted although it’s more like £50 these days, so my monzo mates and I would love to have a pot that is shared so we can all throw our money in and then that pot is shared and we can all access it in our own app and buy the drinks by selecting the pot as the pot to use for the night in the pub… Please Monzo make it happen…

Kinda sounds like a shared tab, but a shared tab with an upper limit to the spending.

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Kinda yeah, but the problem being that the shared tab has to be used for a transaction already made, the purpose of this pot would-be to add the money prior to the event with a record stating that everyone has paid x, then obviously toggle the pot on to be the pot to send for that night and bob is your uncle, we can all see who is spending what from the pot on the night.