✅ Debit card pot to pay from / spend from pots / pay from pot (Monzo Plus Virtual Card)

I would love this functionality. Ideally I’d like the reverse, which is that I have a pot for paying my bills out of (all DDs would be taken from this pot) and all spending comes from regular balance.

But doing it the other way around, by having a spending pot would also work. All cars transactions could come from that pot.

That way my flow is simple.

Get paid
Bills come out of balance
Card transactions come from balance and it is easy to see how much disposable income I have left.

To do this presently I can’t go full Monzo. Instead I still get paid to my old bank, then just transfer disposable income to Monzo.

Committed spending doesn’t quite work for me as my DD payments will vary too much by months where as I know i only need £500 a month say for buying coffee, fuel etc

This sounds like a “committed spending pot” which has its own thread:

It was in employee testing for awhile, but not heard much since then unfortunately.

So I go to a certain pub once a week and with a new job on the horizon money will be tight.

I will be budgeting £20 a week for some drinks and food and will no doubt out it in a pot

Here comes the plan:

  • Assign payment location/storeID (ie McDonald’s) with a Monzo pot (The McDonald’s pot)
  • Put £40 in pot
  • Whenever you buy from that shop the money comes straight out of your pot, leaving the main balance intact.
  • You have bought your double cheeseburger at £3 and it has come out of your pot, making budgeting a hell of a lot easier. That way you can budget money for a specific activity without having to move money about whenever you are planning to buy.



This has been suggested here:

Please remember to vote at the top.

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While it’s a nice idea, with the current messy merchant categorisation system it’d be a nightmare for everyone. Merchants randomly change name - that could confuse the system and take money from the wrong pot.

I sometimes buy petrol at a Tesco petrol station and mark the one transaction as transport. It then marks all Tesco purchases as transport for a while. So I couldn’t have a “Groceries” payment pot either…

Personally I think that this would be best achieved through Virtual Cards that could be assigned to spend from a pot (if they could be added to NFC payment.

The other option is to have the ability to change the spending source of your main card in app but that sounds like just as much manual effort as merchant data.

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve merged the threads to keep the chat all in one place :slight_smile:


Yeah, that kinda why my pot idea is a manual toggle to switch on a pot, further example to the initial idea, ifnin Tesco and you wanna spend a few quid, you open the app, toggle on the pot you want to use and any future payments would come from that pot until it is unselected and the default pot is back in play or even you could take the idea further and have a use until time and date function associated but maybe best we walk before we run.

Combine the two, have the option to add a Google/Apple pay card which is tied to a pot?
Upsides: Less plastic, easy (presumably almost instantaneous) setup.
Downsides: Those who want a real card excluded. Remembering to open Google/Apple pay to select the card instead of just using it.

Does anyone know at what vote number do the monzo development team pick these things up and have a closer look?

Don’t think such a thing has been said. Here is what Monzo said at the beginning:

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There is deliberately no commitment to anything like this.

They keep an eye on the level of interest expressed in different things but nothing more concrete than that has been offered.

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I envisage a Curve like approach where you can assign your debit card to any account or pot, and have suggested this also.

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To me having debit card spending away from main account balance is ideal at present I use other banks cause I can’t split main balance and debit card spending in two with monzo so a pot for spending would work if not another card and account but if I worked like I do with curve card where you select where you pay before you use card would help so if you chose main balance you can pay from it but if you choose a certain pot you can pay from that using debit card so if a reoccurring payments are bills but on debit card your main balance could be used for it but problems are card don’t detect what’s one off and what’s regular reoccurring payments and card payments come off what’s selected at time

Not all merchants show correct name of the place I went to Caffè Nero in Dundee but the merchant name came up dundee and an Asda in Berwick upon tweed the merchant name came up as a number

Are you using your voice or something to type for you? How come every post you write never has any punctuation?

It makes it really hard to understand or take you seriously when it’s one long line of gobbledegook.


I agree with this too. Having been away for some time I began to get annoyed with juggling pots. I’m not interested in categories, although I do use them as they are useful for seeing how much I’m spending. It would be much more useful to see the amount in my pot decreasing and then I can change my budget around accordingly.

It would be really useful.

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I really want this feature! Ideally, I want to have my “main” account as my everyday use account. Then, when I make a non-ordinary purchase, let’s say a “luxury” item such as a Sonos speak that I’ve been after, I want “tag” that purchase to a pot, let’s say it’s called “treats”. That way, it doesn’t affect my day-to-day money and it would make budgeting so much easier. Right now, I get paid into my main account, then I move some money into pots, but because the pot money can’t actually be used for anything, you have to move it back into the main account making them completely useless unless you’re long term setting money aside… Ontop of this, obviously it would be nice to make direct debits come out of a certain pot (e.g. “utilities”).


:eyes: ✅ Bill Pots (previously Committed Spending Pot) - #538 by specter

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I have the same issue where if I spend on something I have a pot for I have to manually go in and transfer it back into my main account :unamused: