If you had a magic wand, what's one feature you'd add to Monzo tomorrow?

Kids accounts.

This would be great. If I could consolidate credit card spending into a pot automatically, I would save so much time.

Another one would be making Salary Sorter work across the accounts, so that I can automatically move money into my account after being paid into the joint account.

I would love to see being able to spend from pots directly so one could use them as digital envelopes! That’s the one thing that would make me jump head first into Monzo!


Cash deposits without a six month £1k limit.

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The ONLY thing I would use my magic wand for…

Remembering payees by name and reference rather than account number and sort code… i.e. two payees each with same sort code and account number but a different reference. This allows paying into two separate building society accounts for two children without paying the wrong one by mistake, or paying two separate Barclaycard bills without paying the wrong one.

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The long requested crediting a budget if you credit your account with the corresponding tag. Really frustrating when being paid back by non Monzo users that I cannot do this.


Go vote and hope that they’ll make it happen. :slight_smile:
Debit card pot to pay from / spend from pots / pay from pot

Thanks, Phil, it’s my category budgets that I can’t specify, which is what I really want. :cry:

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Cash Deposits at Post Office

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Better analytics - e.g. a graph of spend at a particular merchant over time. This would be particularly useful for transport where it would help with the decision to buy season tickets.

No restrictions/ limits on paypoint top ups

Option to generate a one time card number for online transactions

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This may be coming as part of a paid-for tier.

Yes this. It’s a ridiculous interface oversight that you can’t re order a list of pots. Lots of people are gonna wanna look at them in priority order, but are not necessarily going to create them in priority order all at the same time.

As was pointed out to me, you can on Android, soon on iOS.

Pay as you go Travel Insurance or Gadget insurance


I would use it to finally fix this bug.

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