Pay for Debit card transactions and online orders out of individual pots

Hi :slight_smile: I’m new to Monzo and so far absolutely love it! So much better for managing money than my old traditional bank!

It would be soooo much better though if when making a debit card/Apple pay transaction or online payment we could choose which pot it comes out of rather than having to transfer money from a pot back to the main joint account every time!

Is this something that is in the process of being looked at to develop? I have pots for every thing and this would my life a lot easier!!

So for example, I have a petrol pot with a certain amount going in for the month when I get paid. Would be great if when buying petrol I could choose the right pot to pay from!


Hi Sara & welcome :wave:

This is a feature that has been previously requested in a few ways. There are (at least) 2 existing threads, one with 10 votes and one with 120 votes, that request similar functionality;

I’d definately vote for both of them! (Vote button located at the top-left of the topics)


Thanks David, I’ll post there instead


You can do this using IFTTT only with a personal account, but I believe (as not used it myself) you need the balance in the main account then once the transaction completed the money in X pot is moved to the main balance

Ah ok, thanks! Can it be done from a joint account?

Not currently, you can only do this for personal accounts, as IFTTT only works with personal accounts.

Ok thanks, hopefully Monzo will make it an option to pay out of pots soon. Sounds like a lot of people have asked for this :slight_smile:

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Sounds like it but sadly in the grand scheme of things it’s not a lot. I’d keep an eye on the IFTTT topic as that is likely to get upgraded to allow you to do this before any of them get natively built in the app :slight_smile:

Seems a messy though, lots of tiny transfers. I can imagine it being difficult if you ever had statements manually reviewed eg for a mortgage