Allocate payment from pot

It would be great if you can open up a payment, and then choose which pot to retrieve the money from.

As an example, I have a Gadgets pot, and if I buy something that comes out of that pot, I can just click on the payment, choose the pot, and it will take the money from that pot.

This would be so handy to replace money in your current account without typing the amount in each time :raised_hands:

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Assign transaction to pot is, I believe, currently the highest voted of the many many posts asking for this. Here are links to some more, if you feel like voting for lots: Assign transactions to pot balances directly from the receipt. You might also like Debit card pot to pay from


it’s coming soon!


This is different to @craigmcfly’s suggestion of a button to move the amount of a transaction from a pot. The main voting thread for that feature is here:

The “pay your bills from a pot” post is about the Bills Pot idea which has its main discussion and voting thread here:

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So essentially going into a pot and moving the money into your main account but in reverse?

Exactly going into a pot and moving money into your main account (not in reverse).

For example:
Spend £12.39 on groceries at Tesco ==> Click on the Tesco feed item ==> Click the “Withdraw amount from pot” button and select a pot ==> £12.39 is withdrawn from that pot.

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Right, what I said then :grinning:

Yes (if you remove the “but in reverse” bit)

Hang on… so are you going into a pot?

You can currently move money from a pot into your main account.

You want to go into your main account and ‘pull’ the money from a pot for a specific item? Which is what you can do now but in reverse?

There just seems to be a lot of crossover in ideas people have suggested around this sort of automatic moving from pots (which I’ll never get - it’s not like it’s a difficult thing to do now!)

Basically this.

This sentence seems to be the suggested idea is doing the reverse of “going into a pot and moving the money into your main account” (ie: going into your main account and moving the money into a pot) which it isn’t.

The idea wouldn’t be automatic, there would be a button in the transactions details screen (you get to by clicking the feed item) that allows you to pull the amount of the transaction from a pot.

No I get it but I personally just don’t see the benefit. It doesn’t strike me as something that would save much time against what you can do now (go into a pot and move the money into your main pot).

If you had 8 pots, you’d have to go to the item in your feed, click the ‘Take From Pot’ button, scroll through your 8 pots, select the one you wanted, confirm.

It’s more from a UI perspective. The pots screen takes quite a bit of space but makes it easy to navigate between them. Squashing this into a dropdown doesn’t scream ‘user friendly’ to me.

Just my opinion though :grinning:

A button to move the exact amount of a transaction from a pot would save time and make the process easier for people who budget using pots.

It’s the same reason why people want the ability to edit scheduled pot transfers: they could delete the scheduled transfer and make a new one every time they want to change the transfer, but that’s not as nice and easy as pressing an edit button and changing a few details.

I’m not suggesting that this idea replaces the current pots screen. It would be an additional feature found in the feed item for each transaction.


This can be achieved by IFTTT to a degree.

If card transaction category is “X” Transfer “£Y” from pot “Z”

The caveat to this though, is that it does not consider the single transaction, but all in a category.

I think it’d be good to do sort of a Curve like set up. You select in app which account you want your card to pay for. You could do that with pots, like select your card to pay out of your holiday pot when you’re on holiday.

Select your pot or main account before you pay.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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Very much this, a quick button to tap on a tramsaction to pay from a pot in one go would be so much quicker and easier than going into the pot and transferring manually. Especially with the new layout - I find navigating the pots even more of a faff on.


As for user-friendliness, the current process is:

  • look at Home page for the transaction
  • pray that my shocking short term memory doesn’t give up before I get to the end of this process
  • go to Account
  • scroll down and click on the relevant pot
  • click withdraw
  • click in the value box
  • press backspace multiple times to remove the value in the box
  • type in the value
  • tap Withdraw from Pot

What I’d like is

  • tap on the payment
  • tap a button to withdraw from pot
  • tap the pot I want to withdraw from
  • tap OK

Surely for this, some automation wouldn’t be too difficult for Monzo to implement?

For example spend £10.00 at Tesco. Monzo already knows that Tesco is groceries so therefore £10.00 is automatically moved into the current account from the pot after the transaction. No fiddling about required for the user. That’s what I’d like.

Probably not. But as long as it’s something achievable with IFTTT, I’d say it’s unlikely to be a priority.