The Monzo Community's Summer 2019 Wish-List!

You can already do this.

How? I had a look and couldn’t see a way to do it as the alarm clock wasn’t listed.
I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know how!

I personally would like the option to set my pay as the last Friday of the month. At the moment, I have to set a rough date which on a 5 week month completely messes up my summary.

On another note, I get paid via bank transfer, as this is not BACs Monzo still thinks I’m not getting my salary paid into the app despite being full Monzo for months now. All I want is the final icon on my “Your Monzo” screen!

Any plans to look into either of these issues?

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You can vote for this feature here:


I know this threads poll has sort of wrapped up, and other feedback threads exist for some of these - but generally some things I’d like to see that isn’t here yet.

  • Subcategories (assuming customisable)
  • ability to export transactions to Concur / other work expenses apps. (I.e generate an image of the spending detail + retailer and relevant meta-info, plus receipt image, and email it to concur).
  • Generally the ability to export photos of Receipts.
  • IFTTT triggers based on post-transaction actions in app (ie categorise, add a photo, add a note, etc) and ability to trigger varied actions in the app.
  • move money between pots directly.

Some good things on this list though - id really like to see a Monzo credit card :credit_card:

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For reasons unknown to me, there are another eight days to go! And I started the thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can I reorganise my Pots please Monzo, thank you.

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Oh, just a quick plea:

If you’ve voted for something here, but really want it, make sure that you click/tap on the link in the poll and vote for it on its own page too. :grinning:


You need iOS 13, using the Shortcuts app trigger for snoozing. I’ll write up a guide when iOS 13 is officially out and let you know. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

So, September 13th - and the closure of this megapoll - (finally) draws nearer!

So, final update before closure. Where are we?

:rotating_light: first off, the important news - there’s been movement in the battle of the pays!.:watch:

For the first time, Samsung Pay is out-polling Fitbit Pay! Now, there’s only two votes in it (and are still 3rd from bottom and 4th from bottom), but there’s still everything to play for… Can Fitbit regain the upper hand in the days we have left?! :thinking:

Enough of the battle down the bottom, what are the current rankings up top?!

:1st_place_medal: 1st : Monzo Credit Card! (Previous position: 1st)

Yeah, this one isn’t going anywhere!

While I certainly wouldn’t mind a Monzo credit card, I’m not sure I’d put any money on this happening in the near term, though. A new product line like will be need experimentation and may take a while… But I’ve been wrong before!

That said, do jump over to this thread to discuss how a Monzo credit card might work in the app and with the current account. So many questions!

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd: Pay from a pot rather than the main account (Previous position: 2nd)

No movement at the top of the charts, with pay from a pot still in second place. Feels like something more achievable (in the short to medium term at least) than a Monzo credit card. And might be a good complement to Bills Pots?

:3rd_place_medal: 3rd: Cheque imaging! (Previous position: =3rd)

Last time cheque imaging was drawing for third with dark mode. This time it takes third place in its own right, with 37% against dark mode’s 36%!

What of the rest?

Well, dark mode is holding onto fourth place with 36%, then custom categories on 33%, and use income as a trigger on 31%!

Amazingly, we’ve had 377 voters! Thank you everyone! :smile:


389 voters with just under an hour left!

This is the very definition of last orders - and the dying minutes of Monzo time summer!


Summer is over! Well maybe not on lovely London September days like this. But, in any event, our seemingly never-ending Summer 2019 Wish List has drawn to a close!

The raw results of the poll are in the first post, but I thought it might be interesting to consolidate them together with the votes that are in the Feedback & Ideas category. So, in the following table, are the top 10 ideas from the poll, links to the forum topic where each one can be voted for, the number of votes they have got in that topic (as of the time of writing) and where that idea is in terms of position. There are some interesting differences to the outcome of this poll!

Watch out, data incoming! :1234:

# Idea Forum Topic Topic Votes Topic Position
1 Monzo Credit Card Offer credit card 💳 119 5
2 Pay from a pot Debit card pot to pay from 88 12
3 Cheque Imaging ⏰ Cheque imaging 146 2
4 Dark Mode Dark Mode 100 8
5 Custom Categories Custom Category Creation 143 3
6 Income as a trigger Incoming salary as a trigger for actions / income trigger 62 22
7 Loyalty cards in Monzo Loyalty Cards inside the Monzo app 50 35
8 Display CVV in app Display CVV in app 64 20
9 Deposit cash at the Post Office Depositing Cash at the Post Office 146 2
10 Improved payee management Improved payee management 128 4

Flipping it round, and looking at the top 10 ideas at the moment from the Feedback and Ideas forum, we get:

# Forum Topic Topic Votes Wish List Position
1 Pots - Sort Order 239 n/a
2 ⏰ Cheque imaging 146 3
3 Custom Category Creation 143 5
4 Improved payee management 128 10
5 Offer credit card 💳 119 1
6 Tablet / iPad app 107 14
7 Desktop version of the Monzo app (full feature Monzo Web) 102 n/a (web app in at #13)
8 Dark Mode 100 4
9 Add photo to payee 98 11
10 Pot to Pot transfers 91 n/a

And finally, because no list is complete without the BATTLE OF THE PAYS! :watch: (ahem):

# Wish List Position Forum Position Topic
:1st_place_medal: 32 (5%) 21 (63 votes) Support for Samsung Pay
:2nd_place_medal: 33 (4%) =28 (55 votes) Fitbit Pay
:3rd_place_medal: n/a 52 (32 votes) Garmin Pay

So, what does this data tell us? Who can tell?! I think the one-off Christmas/summer polls are probably more accurate because they’re a slice in time and tend to have more voters. But Monzo will be (hopefully) looking at these figures - as well as their own research - and will be making their own decisions!

But finally, time for one more poll…


If you could only have ONE of the top ten* features from this poll, what would it be? Only one week for this one. Go!

  • Monzo Credit Card
  • Pay from a pot with debit card
  • Cheque Imaging
  • Dark Mode
  • Custom Categories
  • Income as a trigger
  • Loyalty cards in Monzo
  • Display CVV in app
  • Deposit cash at the Post Office
  • Improved payee management
  • Samsung Pay
  • FitBit Pay

0 voters

*For giggles, I’m including the Battle of the Pays :watch: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After this, I promise that this is the end of the Summer 2019 Wish List! :bowing_man:


Well that brings us to the end of summer.

TL;Dr folk really want a Monzo credit card :man_shrugging: :credit_card: :monzocard:

Thanks to everyone for contributing! Fingers crossed that we might get some of the above soon :crossed_fingers:


PS Poor the Pays :pensive: :watch:

Hi Zain!
I have iOS13 now, could you please help with the ifttt alarm clock link please?
Thanks :grin:

Will do! I’ll build it, share it and write a blog post about setting it up tonight. Will ping you. :slight_smile:

Works a charm!

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