"Pay from this pot for the next purchase"

I’m currently using a pot to save up for something, and then once I’ve saved up enough money, I buy the thing. Nothing special. What would be really cool, is for there to be some way of saying “next time money is taken from my account, take it from this pot”. That way I can go to the shops to buy the thing, and make sure the money comes out of that pot.

At the moment I have to close the pot, or otherwise transfer the money out of the pot, in order to spend that money, so the UXP flow is kinda borked when you have to dump the money out of the pot to then spend it.

This would be great! And to add to that … and it’s probably been mentioned before… bills from specific pots, even locked pots.

I’ve got different bank accounts for house bills, etc etc. I put money in and the direct debits just come out but id rather have it all in Monzo, separate pots with money coming out of those pots without shuffling about.

edit sadly it doesn’t seem this is a solution unless you already have the funds in your account

There is a way to do this now but it’s using IFTTT.

If > Monzo > any card purchase
Then > Monzo > move money out of a pot

The only trouble with this would be that you have to go to IFTTT and switch it on before the purchase and off again after, but I recon that’s easier than having to close a pot for now until Monzo make a feature.

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I don’t use IFTTT, but would that not need you to have the amount in your main balance first?

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I have it set up that it takes groceries out of my groceries pot and it does seem to take it directly from the pot without my account being touched. I don’t know though whether you would need the amount in your account just in case… I’m still very new to Monzo and IFTTT (just over a week!) so still learning. And thanks!

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Ah ok! I’ve never used it, so wouldn’t know which order it would happen in.

My assumption has always been…

Money comes out of main balance.
IFTTT puts it back in from the pot.

But I could be completely wrong!


This is what it looks like in my account feed. You could be right then that it takes it out of my account then that it takes it out then pays you back. The whole “withdrawn from pot” seems to contradict the + which suggests the money has gone in.

To relate back to OP, I think nickh is right so unfortunately this might not be a solution, sorry…

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Yeah in this case you need the £16 or so in your main account first before it can work. With an account £0 it wouldn’t go through.

I do like this idea though.


I’d like it as something you can turn on in pot settings or something, which turns itself back off after the next purchase. The idea being that you’ve saved up and are buying the thing you saved up for.

IFTTT does kinda work but that’d be a continuous situation which you’d have to keep an eye on, which isn’t ideal. IFTTT also needs more granular triggers really, as well as triggers for incoming funds, but that’s a bit off topic.

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A bit like what Curve do, you click a card and that is the one used for the next purchase. But in this case you would click the pot.

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Wouldn’t it be better to generate a virtual card associated with the pot? Saves fiddling and you could choose whether the card was a one time use or persistent for a defined length of time?

I had considered that, and you may be right. That would also provide a benefit for instance, for paying your wages straight into a pot, or for person to person bank transfers etc.

Yeah this would be very handy for bills and other committed spending. In the direct debits tab say “pay this DD from this pot”. That way when I get paid I can move all that money straight into my bills pot so my “main account” bit is just disposable money

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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