✅ Bill Pots (previously Committed Spending Pot)

I don’t think they’re standing orders either - officially I think they’re recurring card payments but they make up a significant portion of my ‘bills’ each month

Hmmm this could maybe come under a separate ask - which is “make payments from pots” so I’d suggest maybe posting in that thread or voting for the functionality:

What happens if you delete the pot?

What I see is main spending like bills and money coming in should be as is and debit card spending from elsewhere say a pot or if the account forced all credits in to the bills pot and you move back to main account or forced a set amount in to the bills pot to cover bills having to do things manually all the time isn’t my way and I have all my bills and credits with monzo almost everything minus main debit card spend cause it does what I want so far but not split debit card spending from the rest and as debit card spend isn’t split off from the rest I have to go elsewhere to do that

It’ll just come out of the main balance

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What you’re suggesting already has a thread:

Worth discussing on there to keep this thread on topic.


How would monzo account decide what would go in to a bills pot without you manually doing it everyday and it shouldn’t be lots of work should be all direct debits and standing orders and a set amount should be set aside to cover it

I’m not sure why you think you would need to do it everyday. You can set scheduled payments into and out of pots at whatever interval you like.

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At present I don’t need to do anything with bills cause paid from main account and I only look at balance to make sure if I do use card I can cover it cause the fact is I couldn’t just see the bills pot working but I’d see a card spending pot working better I don’t know if it’s the fact it feels like you have to try estimate your bills that you can’t estimate think you need to move that money over when you would be better just estimating what you want to spend on your card and the rest is dealt with automatically

Really? Why would you need to estimate your bills? They are direct debits that are typically fixed every month. They are listed as ‘committed spending’ in the app already. Surely its more difficult to estimate your sporadic spending?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you are basically suggesting the other side of the same coin. Bill pots segregate your money for bills from your spending money, you would rather segregate your spending money from your bills…

Not all are like same monthly etc

So do nothing. Use your account as you are. This feature has been requested by people who want to sperate their committed spend from their balance; its implementation will have no effect on your use case. Fortunately Monzo aim to make money work for everyone :+1:


I see what you are saying, but I’m trying to understand how you budget. If you estimate how much you want to spend on your card, and leave the rest, it sounds to me like you know whether you have enough money to, e.g. buy a sandwich for lunch or bring one from home; but you don’t know if you have enough money to pay your rent.

I’m not saying this is how you run your finances, but I’m saying this is what is sounds like from how you’ve explained it so far.

For me, I’m the opposite. I’m pretty good at stretching my disposable income so as long as I know (because I’ve estimated, although I agree it’s not the same every month) I have enough to pay my rent, phone bill, etc, I can look at what’s left and decide whether to splash out on expensive groceries or getting my hair cut, or eat pasta and leave the hair til after payday. Does that make sense?

I want debit card spend separate from bills simple as that

which you can do by paying your bills from the committed spending pot (eventually, when they add card payments and standing orders)


Don’t see how it would do as I do but split apart my card spending but not make me have to decide what my bills need cause moving money for debit card is easier than moving money to cover bills

just move everything to the pot except what you want to spend on your card. No different to deciding how much you need to transfer to your ‘spend on card’ account


I like to choose say a set amount for debit card and the rest should be classed as bills like direct debits standing orders and make choices throughout the month if I move from that to my card to spend but I shouldn’t need to do major amounts of transferring only if I think I need too I want automated like all my income goes where I pay my bills then move small set amount to debit card for spending and the rest is for bills and rest should be away from card without me having to do it manually and income is different a lot so not always the same

Is that what happens now using 2 accounts? It automatically knows how much your bills are and transfers the rest without any manual intervention?


the income should automatically go where bills come from and debit card spending should be separate and only moving say a set amount for that is easiest to think about not other way around