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It’d be great to be able to tag movement from your pots into your bank account as a category.
For example, I save up over the year enough money for all my car things, to even the load rather than taking a huge chunk out on service/MOT and insurance months. So I then move that money back into my account, and pay using that money. But, the movement is not categorised as ‘transport’ so doesn’t track into the category (net zero spend). So, my summary looks like I’m going to run out of money this month because it thinks I’m going to spend £400 per day, when that £400 is from a pot and was a one off spend.

Just a small thing, but I think it would make a big difference.

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I do similar but, in my world, there is no way the movement from pots is a transport transaction. Since the spend is valid and not zero, I want to see it in full. The fact that it’s funded from somewhere else doesn’t invalidate the spend from a budget viewpoint.

To make it work in the Monzo budget, however, I sort of see your point. Excluding the spend from summary entirely is the way I’d manage this since my transport ‘budget’ is the contents of the pot (which covers the year) and not whatever summary has included (which only covers the month and doesn’t roll over).

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I’d love to see a “Transaction History” for each pot showing the amount of transactions you’ve made and when. I’m aware you can see a high level summary but to be able to go into the specifics on the pot page would be excellent.


This is already available.

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I don’t have this? I can see the totals (such as the screenshot) but can’t see any more detail than that?

New Nav on iOS might be why?

Never Mind, I can do that via the summary page…who knew


Love the pots, a couple of things I’d like to see would be the ability to move money from my personal current account into one of our joint account pots, and to be able to move around the order of the pots - or have them in date order when they’re locked until… otherwise great :+1:t3:


Heyyy guys :wave:

Some more suggestions for you - specifically on Pots :honey_pot: (I’m running Monzo 2.54.1 #539):

  • When scrolling through pots, a neat way to return to the main Monzo account would be to tap just above the image of a pot (onto the Monzo card peeking out the top) - some fancy jumping to the front animation or something similar would feel right here… I’ll leave that up to you guys :wink:

  • On the Withdraw screen, add an option to Withdraw all, or a percentage slider showing you the amount that would be transferred, e.g I have £85 in my pot and I want to move 50% of that into my current account :credit_card:

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I’d also love for Pots on iOS to have a proper transaction feed history - and not just summary.


Same here, it would be so useful!


You can vote for that feature here:

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Not a fan of the pot history/deposits/withdrawals indicators (e.g. green highlighted and plus symbol vs black text and no symbol)

Only just realised…

I just find it confusing that a withdrawal from a pot is shown on the pot history as a plus and in green. Why can’t we just treat the pot history like the normal account transaction list? (i.e. withdrawals are black text, you get the green positive on the main account for withdrawals anyway)

It’s also inconsistent, e.g. interest pots show the interest as I would expect, an addition to the pot with green plus… but withdrawals from the pot also show with green and plus !?

Please change.

I love using pots to be able to set aside money for each different thing such as ‘car tax’ and car insurance. Would be fun to have more Monzo themed pictures - however I do enjoy being able to use my own images for this and making saving more personal.

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There’s a load of fantastic Hot Chip themed images made by @ashleymoat which can be used for various pots, get them here; https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNWXi0C2P_THgsb4RwF1ZUHPnA2_wMXOL9g7gk_Zl85ES19thE-s_ividCiXV_6-g?key=QllRaHkwV012Z0swTWsweXZ6Uzk5NFNhalVyeVdR

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Thank you for sharing the link!

Has their been any word recently on being able to assign specific debit card transactions to a pot, or being able to automatically take from a pot when spending at a shop (I.e. spend at Tesco automatically comes from ‘Groceries’).

I feel this would enable true budgeting so that when I get paid it can all be divided into pots, then get spent from the pots where the money has been assigned.

I don’t believe anything has been said about this but there’s a thread on spending from pots currently with 97 votes (remember to add your own): Debit card pot to pay from / spend from pots

This is possible in IFTTT, please take a look at the following threadys where saving or withdrawing from pots based on a merchant or category has been discussed multiple times:

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I like post but we need

1 being able to create a custom picture.

2 interest would be very welcome

3 being able to re arrange pot in order you like

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  1. You can already do this

  2. Just set up the pot with one of the savings partners. 1 working day to get the money back so make sure you don’t lock away all you need

  3. :soon:

I’d like to do this: