Allocate Payments to Pots

I would like to allocate my payments to a specific pot after the transaction has occurred.

For example a petrol pot or a food pot which I can allocate a payment to which will deduct the value of the payment from the pot and add it to my current account balance.

That way I can accurately budget each month.

Hi. Welcome.

This is mentioned a lot and it is something Monzo are working on, but you can vote for it here

If you’re happy for this to happen after the transaction (so it replenishes your account from the pot), you can do it with IFTTT


Thank you! I thought it would be something popular but I couldn’t find it :slight_smile:

There’s some clever thinking needed here.

Pots are, by design, hiding their value from your current account balance (as in, move money into a pot and it is ‘debited’ from your current account balance). So if the pay-from-a-pot feature is launched and it is literally ‘pay-directly from-a-pot’ then your current account balance wouldn’t update at all when the payment happens, only the previous ‘debit’ to you pot would be reported in your current account.

Budgets work off categories, so budgets shouldn’t be affected. Bills pots work differently too, so they shouldn’t be affected. Left-to-spend should also be unaffected. Hopefully, for example, it’ll allow you to allocate ‘Subscriptions’ to one, or more pots and you’ll have to put some money into the pot(s) to cover the upcoming payments.