Pay from pots feature unfinished

Hey Team,

What’s blocking the pay from pots feature from being finished, specifically the ability to pay recurring credit card payments from pots?

To work around, I’m currently holding open another bank account and transferring recurring card payments from the pot to this account where they are paid.

It’s a messy workaround for me to maintain and I cannot close this third party bank account.

So I ask, what is the blocker? Because the technical side seems to be very simple.


If you have a search this is covered weekly, it’s not as simple as you think.

You could just schedule it from a pot back into your account? Then no need for the other account.

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Just schedule a withdrawal from the pot the day before it is due. That’s what I do :slight_smile:

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You can already do this from a Revolut pocket. I pay my Smarty CPA from it every month.

@Revels, there is a lot of content here. Can you give some pointers?

@Ordog, I like this approach, and a big thank your the help. It’s not ideal but it’s a step in the right direction. I say not idea because the money in my main account is spending money, and the solution adds the extra cognitive load of not spending the xfered bills money.

@anon21501491, I am looking into this thank you!

Use the search in the top right hand corner ……

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Their marketing material isn’t always the best. But the main difference is that Monzo only have pots, Revolut have vaults and pockets which are under the ‘Accounts’ and ‘Wealth’ sections. Vaults have pretty limited functionality (but is more out of sight out of mind than a Pot/Pocket) and you can’t do scheduled Withdrawals (that’s a point to Monzo), the pockets are where you can pay S/O, DD and CPA no issue. Only thing Monzo has on it, is you can set the first payment out of a pot whereas with Revolut it must go out first for it to be recognised as a subscription or recurring payment.

Yeah it would be nice for it to just work but what I explained is close enough for now.

If you schedule the withdrawal the day before the payment is due I’ve found that I don’t accidentally spend it. This is because it shows as a withdrawal in your feed so you know to leave that amount untouched from your main balance. It’s only there for that day too, so this lessens the chance of you spending it even further :slight_smile:

If you are so inclined, you can set up an IFTTT integration to get almost as close as the direct debit feature.

If “payment from Merchant” then “move money from Monzo Pot” is what you need.

The only difference is it will move the money a split second after the transaction rather than just before.

[In fact, I wonder if it’s worth making a custom one for all the known CPA’s out there…]

I wonder if it was easy for revolut to implement as they have always done multiple pocket look ups.

They maintain overall balance. And then decide to charge in the currency of the transaction, in the main account currency, or any other highest balance currency.

Or now from specified pocket…

This feature had already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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If you have a Paypal account, you can use that instead of a full-on bank account, to act as a workaround to have CPA’s treated like D/D’s in the Monzo app:

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You can use this to pay for takeaways and the like as well, like an entertainment budget

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Thanks both