Assign transactions to pot balances directly from the receipt

I adore pots. I have shed-loads of them. I use them all the time to segment my planned spend and manage my money.

I put 300 into a pot for a festival. During the festival I pay on my card for food, more food, a drink, food, a bag, etc.

To keep my finances as clean as possible, after every purchase I go into Monzo, go into my festival pot and transfer the amount I’ve just spent out of the pot and into my main account. That way the pot decreases in real time, and my main balance stays steady.

This is a bit cumbersome. When I swipe on a transaction notification on my lock screen it automatically takes me within Monzo to the receipt details for that transaction. It would be great if I could, with a tap there, assign that transaction to the Festival pot. Doing so would then automatically take the value of the transaction from the pot, instead of from my primary balance. No need to do anything else, transfer bits and bobs around all month, etc.

It’s a good idea. It’s such a good idea that people keep suggesting it, in fact:

July 2018: Assign transaction to pot

January 2019: Allocate transactions to pot

February 2019: Suggestion for transactions and pots

March 2019: Set a pot as the catagory for a transaction

Give those posts votes and who knows?


Aha. And there was me thinking I was original!

Thank you for the links, I’ll go and vote.

The main voting thread for this feature is here:

You might also find the ability to assign your card to a pot useful. You can vote for it here: