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Hi there,

If you are using Monzo on iPhone I’m sure you’ve already seen that we’ve been playing a bit with the graph lately. At its current stage you might think that “the graph now takes too much room”, well, you’re right, it does… but it’s for a good reason :slight_smile:

Let me show you another example of something where having a bit of extra room and not stopping the graph at “the top” is going to help us a lot. This is one of the possible ways we’re considering to show you when your balance is overdrawn. With the new graph we can actually present elements in the future (your next salary, direct debits, standing orders, overdraft charges) and let you scroll through your feed without losing visibility of your total balance.

Of course, all this stuff might change :soon: and we’re hearing you but I’d like to stress that we’re starting to build and deploy details here and there that we know are not really perfect for the Monzo prepaid but that we need to test to get really polished and ready for the full current accounts. That’s still the purpose of the beta, right? :wink:

Please fire away your questions or ideas :heart:


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I’m really liking the look there.

Slightly disappointed that there’s no Domnio’s mention.

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I prefer this look to the one that is there now (the moving box) but Hugo please can you think about this

When the accounts go live people will ask more and more about Mondo and I’d love to show the app but I really don’t want people seeing how financially embarrassed I am :cry:


That is exactly what I’m looking for from the pulse graph. Great work :+1:

(Nick) #6

Looking good - will be good to scroll into the future past direct debts etc to see what the account balance will be like. Today I might have £1000, but direct debits over the next few weeks might reduce that down to £200 before I get paid next - so it would be good to see that I actually only have £200 disposable cash, rather than £1k!

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Should add predicted Domino’s orders :slight_smile:

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@hugo, you’re making me wish I had an iPhone!!! :wink: Can’t wait for these features to filter to Android haha

Looks like a pretty cool addition to the Pulse graph nonetheless :smiley:

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Cant wailt for this :slight_smile:

(Tom ) #10

This is what I’m excited for in the current accounts. A graph that shows me what’s coming up - direct debits, regular bills and salary. Nice.

(Dan) #11

Being able to predict disposable cash available would be a very amazing key feature, as I currently use monzo for day to day spending and my legacy bank for regular bills and direct debits. So accounting for them in pulse graph would be a great budgeting feature :thumbsup:

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On the latest Android Beta update 1.6.4 (Search II: The Sequel) is this little tease of something to come soon on Android to get the Pulse raising ;)… or is it just wishful thinking :smiley:

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Ha! Well spotted :eyes:

But judging by the fact that the Pulse Graph for Android is still in the Medium Term (6-9 months) list on the roadmap, I’m afraid it looks like it’s the latter.

(Marco) #14

Quick question. When does Pulse unlock? I’ve been using my Monzo card since mid March now and originally thought that pulse was an old feature that was scrapped until I came on here! :joy:

(Tom Warren) #15

iOS or Android? If it’s the latter it’s still under development :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #16

If you’re on iOS, it’s unlocked after you have a full calendar month with transactions so not 15th March to 15th May but 1st May to the 30th. In other words, assuming that you had made transactions by the 1st May, it should be unlocked for you but it won’t be unlocked until the 3rd of the month

(Marco) #17

I’m iOS. I think I get you haha. My first transaction was 18th March so I should have it tomorrow right?


I would like to see future commitments on the graph. I know it’s not a full featured account yet, but before I spend it would be good whether I can :money_mouth_face:

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Given how much more important the Pulse Graph will be following these changes & the introduction of overdrafts, has Monzo changed the requirement that a user must have a full calendar month’s worth of transactions, before it’s displayed? For the current account version of the app obviously.

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