The Monzo Graph

I think it would be a good idea if monzo let its customer choose if they want to see a graph or something like a pie chart or something that is more easier for monzo users to understamd what do use all think here in the community

We’ve had this discussion before in previous threads and the general conclusion is that Monzo won’t make the graph toggleable and we are stuck with it

im sure monzo will make it better for its customers

Probably but its not a priority feature so could be a long while until they do

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Hi Gavin,

Thanks for sharing your idea. Letting users pick different ways of seeing their spending sounds like an interesting idea. Currently we show your spending over time with the Pulse graph on the home screen, and as a pie chart counting down your spending in the Summary screen.

But we’re always open to new ideas as to how we can present this information even more clearly. And maybe what works for one person wouldn’t work for everyone.

So we’d love to hear any other ways we can approach this :slight_smile:


i think you should let people choose what they would prefur so have like a few options so like the pulse or a different kind or graph

It would be useful if the Pulse graph on the home page could show spendature from payday to payday (like we can on the summary page) rather than just by calender month.