Account Balance in Main Screen

Hello! Apologies if this idea has been posted before, quick look and couldnt find it.

Whenever I look at Monzo, I ignore account balance and just go straight the spending tab to see what I have left to spend. I’d LOVE it if the “Account Balance” part of the main screen could toggle between Account Balance and Left to Spend!

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There is a lot of discussion on what the “Home” and “Summary” Tab should do and what should be removed (mostly getting rid of the pulse graph).

I think it is an interesting idea though! - I feel like the “Summary” Rings should take the place of the graph (albeit slightly redesigned). But being able to see “what you’ve got left to spend today -from your budget” is a really handy tool!

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Yeah the graph for me is pointless, I never take any notice of it. It looks pretty but that’s all. Perhaps if I had an overdraft it’d have more use to see how close I am (visually) to zero again :stuck_out_tongue:


There has been a lot of hot debate on the graph, if you want to get stuck into that here: Summary - Feedback thread

It is interesting to see all the different views on what everyone wants to see on the different tabs!