Finally got my Pulse graph back!

(Justin) #1

I’ve been using my current account for just over two months, so was looking forward to 3 October as the day my Pulse graph would finally be switched on. However, in contrast to the graph in the prepaid app, this one doesn’t seem to be working properly yet, with the line at an almost constant level even during ins/outs of several thousands of pounds and representing over 75% of the value of the account.

I suspect this may be a calibration issue, as customers hold far greater balances on their current account than they previously held on their prepaid card.

I’d be interested to hear whether others have noticed a similar issue - and look forward to seeing an updated version in the near future, since I’d grown to like it a lot!

(James Murray-Ferris) #2

I haven’t got a pulse graph at all in the Current Account app :confounded:

(Justin) #3

Actually, I’ve closed the app and tried again, and it does now appear the way I would have expected! :grinning:


Mine did exactly the same.


Same here.
So excited to have the graph!

(Nick) #6

Mine is back too - having not had it for two months.


Is this being (re-)enabled gradually? I haven’t got it on my CA app despite fully closing the app (on iOS) and restarting it.

(MikeF) #8

As with he prepaid app it cuts in on the 3rd of the month after your first full calendar month (i.e. 1st to 31st) of use.


Ah yes, makes sense. Forgot that it takes a while to appear and isn’t immediate. Will wait for its arrival in that case! Cheers.

(Mr Thomas Collier) #10

Will this be available on the Android App? It’s never been available on the Pre Paid so I’m not holding out much hope but it would be a great addition.

(James Murray-Ferris) #11

It’s on the road map for Android in 6 - 12 months :slight_smile:


Sooo…iOS already has current account pulse graph. On android is being delayed over and over. And they claim parity by the end of the year? Really like Monzo but tired of being second class client. Really considering trying other services. Not here because of an emotional attachment. I want a great app. Current account app so far is a step back compared with top up. Yesterday was expecting some good news… And no news at all. An embarrassing presentation.

(Justin) #13

I really don’t think it’s that big a deal. The current account is still in beta, and services are improving all the time. It’s still three months until the end of year. Why the urgency?


Because since the first day Monzo was released for Android the disparity between its app and iOS has been significantly. iOS always had pulse graph (imho is really useful, more now on the current account), you can export spending data etc.
We were always told on the progress map that things were coming… Some never did. Now with the current account there’s things that got delayed again - which I could understand if I felt there was a serious commitment to get to app parity at some point.
Even yesterday I was expecting proper news during the presentation and nothing. In one minute they were claiming that there will be parity by end of 2017… in the next slide they were showing things that are not a priority like pulse graph, fingerprint support etc. iOS already has this things. So…parity?

Monzo is famous for being transparent. That’s not what is happening here. I know overdrafts and other current accounts specific uses are important. But more than anything I want an app that makes the use of the bank the revolution Monzo sells. That revolution shouldn’t be only for iOS.

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