2018 Roll-out timeline?



Seeing as this is a new year, and Monzo is starting its first full year as a ‘bank’, would it be possible to get a realistic timeline of what to expect over the year to come? By Quarters or months?

Understand it seems to be tradition here to do surprises, or point people to the dev page with what projects are at each stage, but if it’s now time to be a real bank, and people are having to decide to leave legacy banks, or reasons to stay and hold on to things to come, it would be appreciated.

Things like Overdraft Previews, Catch-up between Android or ios differences in functionality, new features coming to pots, or anything else which is currently set to a timescale?

Apologises if this just isn’t a fesable request :slight_smile: Feel like I might get some replies telling me all this is out there, or it’s a request that wouldn’t be ever possible!

What features are coming next?
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I believe @bea is currently working on a blog post containing exactly this. :tada:


I’d imagine soon, as the Q1 goals are being discussed at Monzo today. And that’ll feed the roadmap.

@tristan did also complete his trolling quota in slack

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That’s right! Stay tuned @Dannytc :wink: :soon:


Amazing, thank you all for the quick repliease (as always!!)

Just thought would put it out there, but seems your already one step ahead!

Happy belated new year to the Monzo team btw!


I’m famous!

Happy New Year all :slight_smile:

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In terms of features, CASS is a priority. SecureCode (3DS) functionality is something that’s being worked on too. Direct Debit enrichment should be something we improve soon.

A nice mix of new stuff and improvements to existing stuff :slight_smile:

Feature request list
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As far as I know we’re still waiting for:

and more?


Android have badges so that’s 50% there. Not sure if apple does.

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Hello, any eta on when we will see the blog post?

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Before the week is out! :slight_smile:

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Perfect, thanks a lot!

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The blog post is up! :tada:

We’ve put down the things we’re focusing on this year, along with some timelines.

Let us know what you think.

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