I wasn’t even aware that that was a restriction, so thanks for enlightening me. I was wondering why I had no graph in the CA app.

Any updates on the progress of Pulse for Android?

Trello Roadmap suggests is should be pretty much imminent…

Android Targets placed in Medium term (6-12months) December 2016. So we should be expecting this very soon?

Android Pulse Graph was in Near term (3-6months) September 2016 but was then pushed back to Medium term (6-12months) in January 2017. So we should be expecting this sometime very soon too?

Android Travel Reports are in Medium term (6-12months) May 2017. So according to this it should be in the Android app by May 2018.

Android Fingerprint Lock is in Medium term (6-12months) Jan 2017. So this should be very soon too?

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I wouldn’t pay any attention to those timescales. It’s best to consider it a list of things to do rather than target times.

That’s disappointing to hear. I’ll remain hopeful but I’m just getting very tired of these missing features of waiting so long for these features on Android. :tired_face:


Take a look at posts 75 onwards here:

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Great thank you very much!

In case you missed it, we launched Pulse with version 1.21.0 of the Android app! :tada:

Let us know your feedback there, or check out the lengthy Q&A we held with some members of the team behind Pulse. There’s lots of info there on the future of Pulse :chart_with_upwards_trend: