I wasn’t even aware that that was a restriction, so thanks for enlightening me. I was wondering why I had no graph in the CA app.

(Matthew) #23

Any updates on the progress of Pulse for Android?

Trello Roadmap suggests is should be pretty much imminent…

Android Targets placed in Medium term (6-12months) December 2016. So we should be expecting this very soon?

Android Pulse Graph was in Near term (3-6months) September 2016 but was then pushed back to Medium term (6-12months) in January 2017. So we should be expecting this sometime very soon too?

Android Travel Reports are in Medium term (6-12months) May 2017. So according to this it should be in the Android app by May 2018.

Android Fingerprint Lock is in Medium term (6-12months) Jan 2017. So this should be very soon too?

(Andy Little) #24

I wouldn’t pay any attention to those timescales. It’s best to consider it a list of things to do rather than target times.

(Matthew) #25

That’s disappointing to hear. I’ll remain hopeful but I’m just getting very tired of these missing features of waiting so long for these features on Android. :tired_face:

(Gareth) #26

Take a look at posts 75 onwards here:

(Matthew) #27

Great thank you very much!

(Richard Cook) #28

In case you missed it, we launched Pulse with version 1.21.0 of the Android app! :tada:

Let us know your feedback there, or check out the lengthy Q&A we held with some members of the team behind Pulse. There’s lots of info there on the future of Pulse :chart_with_upwards_trend:

(Richard Cook) #29