[Q&A] Ask us about Pulse!

Hey everyone, thanks for all your feedback so far on us bringing Pulse to Android.

We’ve noticed that some of the same questions keep coming up. So @tas and @vuokko from the design and Android engineering teams will be here for the next week to answer them :raised_hands:

Drop your questions below, and we’ll get them answered. They can be about Pulse specifically, but if you’ve got more general questions about Product/Design at Monzo, that’s fine too!


Why have we got it, what is it for and can we get rid of it by way of toggle switch in a settings menu perhaps?

I don’t like, want or need it and it is taking up space for no reason.

Also please can we have an option to blur/hide our balance, I have been asking for this for ages (as have others)… I’d like to show the app but refuse to as I do not want people seeing my balance.


I am on iOS but would also like a switch to toggle it.


It’s of no use to me (on iOS). So a switch to toggle off would be good. I also think that for those who like it, a switch to make it full screen might be useful. My question is; can we have these switches?


What is the envisioned purpose for pulse? Plus, when will we get to see some more features added to it, as it’s pretty useless for me at the moment (iOS). It does just seem Monzo are really fixated on pulse but there hasn’t seemed to be much progression with it (at least from what I have seen)

To add a different opinion, I like the Pulse, and missed it when I upgraded to the preview CA and it disappeared. :star_struck: I find it useful for quickly scrolling back through transactions, and I generally like it as a way to browse my transaction list. :boom:

That being said, I don’t think the scaling of the peaks always helps me to understand my balance over time, and I also feel that Pulse could be a lot more. We’ve been told for over a year that there are big things to come for Pulse, and it would be great to get an idea of what these ideas are. I can imagine that until Android had Pulse you didn’t want to develop it much, but now we all do, what’s in store, and how soon?


When will we have a switch to turn it off? it can happily be a switch that breaks after I turn it off as I never want to turn it back on Can’t stand it appearing on the page where I see my transaction ledger list/history, it takes up far too much space (particularly after the insert expletive here demise of the Hamburger menu forced a menu bar across the bottom of our screen also eating up precious screen space)


It’s the quickest (and only?) way to see your balance and spent money at a given date.

As for the graph itself, I suppose that if you have a steady source of income it gives you an idea of whether your spending too fast. Personally, I throw money in Monzo whenever therefore the graph just looks like my account has arrythmia.

+1 for a toggle off switch


A narrow scrubber bar could achieve the same thing :question:

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Sure, but (1) I do find the graph mildly helpful (though not as much as I’d like); and (2) I’d like to see how Pulse evolves, as I can imagine it could be much more powerful in the future.


So much better


This is how it used to be IIRC


But you have no balance or way to view historical balances/spent today?

I deleted that so people can’t see on here obv but it would show normally or be blurred if showing to public

@jzw95 Sure, I can see how it could be useful/liked. I guess it depends on how the individual uses their account. And you are certainly correct that it could be much more useful in the future (especially on its own screen).

I was only answering your comment about scrolling back through transactions.

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It does seem odd that Monzo never comment on any negative feedback regarding pulse, or whether it could be toggled off. I don’t actually mind having it there, but it’s certainly not useful, and I hate to think how much staff time it has wasted.


It would be nice to hear Monzo comment on the feedback, and also provide insight into whether or not the negative feedback on this forum is representative of the general response they have received to Pulse.

This most certainly has been answered, both back in November by Hugo (responding to Danny):

and just 5 days ago by Simon:

So I’m not sure why people keep asking for a toggle switch, when they know it’s not going to happen. We get the same comments in each thread. Seems like a waste of everyone’s time.


I’m so confused. There’s been so many comments in past in the community of people asking for pulse on Android and even iOS users asking for it back during the preview (I was one that missed the lack of pulse during the preview) and now all of a sudden people dont want it anymore.

…and not to mention demoralising. People have been asking for something to be added; time’s been spent developing it and now people say they don’t want it anymore. :man_shrugging:


I’m interested to see where pulse goes in future :slight_smile:

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Hello everybody!

First of all, I’d like to personally thank you all for spending the time to provide us with valuable feedback. I can’t stress enough how impressed I am with this community. This might be my first post, but I’ve been reading this forum for some time now…
On to the questions now :nerd_face:


Why have we got it, what is it for?

The second part of the question is easy. It’s a graph, providing you with information about past and projected usage of the Monzo account. The definition is vague on purpose, since this (just like any other feature of our app) will evolve and change over over time.
The first part is trickier, but is absolutely a fair question, and of course we’ve asked it internally several times as well. I guess to answer this, you need to think about what Monzo aims to provide. Among other things, we aim to provide people with accurate and timely information so that they can make the best possible financial decisions. A graph of your balance history seems like an obvious place to start, does it not? Sure, by itself, that doesn’t mean much, and is probably only useful to very few people. I can even get why you’d not want to spare precious screen space for that. But remember that this is just a starting point. Other information has already been added to that graph (like a projection of your future balance and a line describing when you’re in negative balance), and we will be adding even more to it over time.

This brings me nicely into the next very common question:


can we get rid of it by way of toggle switch in a settings menu perhaps?

I think @hugo’s response to this is spot-on, and I couldn’t agree with it more. Quite frankly, that’s not a sustainable way of building apps. First of all, if we provided toggles for different features, supporting the app (and all possible combinations of those toggles) would become a nightmare from a design, implementation and testing perspective. And this is not us thinking of ourselves, but also about users. We’d much rather spend time building new, exciting features to delight them, rather than spend time maintaining all the different combinations of toggles. Secondly, even if it is true that most people would prefer to have Pulse hidden in the form that it is now (which is debatable I think), there’s no way to know that about future iterations of it. But once a toggle is off, there’s no way for that user to ever see the new iterations. Of course, that just means that the onus is on us to make this something that everybody (or at least most users) are excited to have. And of course, we think we’re up to the task :muscle:


It worrya me that this feature will get removed due the amount of people that don’t want/don’t like it,
I like it, I think a toggle switch would be great for those who don’t but I’d like to keep mine.

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