Pulse on Android 1.21.0

(Philip) #41

Seems to be a lot of negativity towards the pulse graph. I’m excited to have it, and to see how it can give me some insight. It’s true I can’t see as many transactions, but I can export them all if I want that. I don’t need to see 9 at one time, 6 is fine. The graph will give me an overview in the month of where to start looking

Regarding the burger menu, yeah I agree in part, would be nice to keep our own core in a way. Even if a burger menu that overlays the top left of the graph or something. Buttons at the bottom are much more of a wasted space, and also with 5 items now, you’ll struggle to add a 6th. That was the power and beauty of the burger menu, it hid away things, but allowed a lot of entries in the menu.

Well done to the Monzo team, keep up the good work.



Why doesn’t the pulse graph scroll smoothly? It seems to jump along a screen at a time, so if the bit you’re interested in is on the edge of a screenful, it just jumps past it. It’s like when you’re trying to read a road atlas and your journey crosses the binding!

Also, if the point of the forum is to take feedback, I’m with the hamburger menu :wink:


(Brandon Billingham) #43

This has been a long standing issue on iOS.

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(Will Pimblett) #44

Was pleasantly surprised to see the pulse graph today, well done :mondo: Monzo!


(Benjamin Doherty) #45

I know that I am one of many that has come to say this but regardless I guess it still worth pointing out I too do not like the Pulse Graph. I think its pointless. I am not ever going to use it in its current form. I thought that perhaps if I flipped my phone on its side It might take up the whole screen. That would be cool as it would then be big enough to use properly.

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(Toby Toller) #46

+1 for this idea.

Pulse has grown on me, and I found myself missing it when I got the current account preview and was without it from July to September.

It could still do with further iterating, but I’m excited to see what happens when breakdown eventually lands…

And old sneak peaks such as this:

Also being able to look into the future with pulse:


Pulse for Android
Pulse for Android
(Richard Cook) #47

Hey all, thanks for the feedback so far!

We’ve shared a Sneak Peek on this over here. I’ll bring over all the feedback from this thread :slightly_smiling_face:


(Valerio) #48

It’s jumping between calendar months.



I know, but why?



Previous monzo advice states that the popular request for a toggle to disable pulse will cause future problems…

Can we not have a toggle to HIDE pulse so it stays on but we don’t see it… (or to move to another tab etc)… a standard practice that leaves future features unaffected (but is good for a lot of users.)

Currently like monzo but concerned at the lack of flexibility in the app…one size will not fit all for such a diverse product.


(Patrick) #51

For what it’s worth, my feedback: I was never really looking forward for Pulse, was happy with Android transaction feed as it was; but, I now have to say I really like the pulse graph! :heart::chart_with_downwards_trend:


(Kenneth C Lawrence) #52

I may be missing something, but I see a lot of complaints about Pulse, but can’t view it on my phone to see if I like it or not. Has this been removed now while waiting the new update? Or should I contact customer support?



That’s strange. Do you see a graph at the top of the Home tab?

Also, how long have you had Monzo? I might be wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that it might need a few months’ data?

(Sorry, to answer the question: it hasn’t been removed!)



Lucky you, if you find out how it got disabled let us know so we can replicate that in our apps :wink:

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I was wondering how long it would take for an absent Pulse to invoke you, @anon44204028 :wink:


(Kenneth C Lawrence) #56

I’ve only had the current account about a month so maybe it is just time. But yeah, no bar on my home screen or any other and have checked settings and everything.

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I think that might be the reason why. @BethS or @simonb (or another of the lovely Monzo folk) should be able to confirm though.

Alternatively, just ask in the app chat - they’re always happy to help. :smiley: :monzo:

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(Kenneth C Lawrence) #58

Thank you :slight_smile: I thought I’d come here first if it had been removed after the criticism’s I’ve seen about and waiting the Spending update before I raised a call hehe :slight_smile:
Thank you,

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I think you need 31 days worth of data before it will show anything

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Hi :wave:

It takes about two months before it activates :+1: