Competitor update

(Andy) #774

Was going to say exactly the same, FT Paywal, of doom :slight_smile:

(Tommy Long) #776

If you open Incognito Mode and Google the headline “Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks on digital services” and click through from Google you should skip the paywall

(Henry Pedro) #777

i like this guy…

(David Wood ) #778

Not sure if anyone has mentioned Root, “Programmable bank account for software developers” - - here before, interesting stuff.

(afonso) #779

PiggyPot just launched better saving goals including ISAs… Looks interesting. Wonder if the money saved goes directly into the ISA products… Would be amazing to see something simialr in Monzo at the time.

(Alex Sherwood) #780

Starling have just added a few screenshots of their app to their site.

The Payments options look good to me -

Debit Card options are functional, if a little plain & cluttered (there’s no need to display Lost or Stolen Card until the card’s ‘Inactive’) -

But based on these shots (there could be more functionality elsewhere in the app), while everyone loves a slider, they’re nowhere near as clear as what Monzo are planning, when it comes to displaying interest accrued, fees (they use an interest rate, rather pounds & pence) or what you’ll pay by the end of the month :thumbsdown:

Starling Feedback
(Andy) #781

Yet still no sign of the beta for the vast majority of people wanting to test, their product… Think a lot of people are starting to get bored of the lack of communications, and the endless - “you’ll hear from us very soon” line they farm out on twitter and facebook…

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #782

apparently "Starling customers can instantly open a checking account through the bank’s app (currently available on iOS with Android launching next month) " :slight_smile: in this comparison of 10 challengers

  • Ive just about given up on them having signed up last year - I think they must have lost my application , even though they keep on sending out intermittent emails about it coming soon after emailing me thanking me for my registration in July last year

(Alex Sherwood) #783

I’m guessing that this is US only for now but Square are launching a prepaid card, to work alongside their Square Cash app.

It doesn’t sound like there’s many features at the moment but the ability to write your name / something else :eyes: on the front of the card is a nice touch -

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #784

So Metrobank have been going since July 2010 and are celebrating 1 million customers which I make circa 142,857 people signing up per year (yes I know I divided by 7) anyway we are on what 200k now in 2 years?

How long till we catch up?

(Thomas Horne) #785

TSB are hinting at some very Monzo style ideas here… “The new mobile app will in future integrate with third party apps and services from Fintech startups, so that it becomes truly integrated with customers’ digital lifestyle.”

(Alex Sherwood) #786

It looks like Starling are inching into the business banking services space (I’m not sure what the standard term is) here, by enabling businesses to accept payments from customers using Faster Payments & SEPA (later in the year) via their API & charging those businesses a fee for access to those services. This falls under their ‘Starling Payments Services’ offering, which I haven’t heard of until now.

It’s obvious that this functionality is needed in order for some apps to work with the open API but less clear (to me, anyway) how this fits their consumer orientated business model, if they are offering this to companies that aren’t integrating directly / through Starling’s marketplace :thinking:

Perhaps they’re just doing it because they can & it’ll earn them some extra revenue or maybe the business model includes providing business services too?

Edit - Here’s the FT’s coverage of the same news, mentioning that -

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, announced plans to improve access last year that would allow companies providing payments services to tap into these systems rather than have to rely on traditional banks.

While this tweet (which Anne - Starling’s CEO - just retweeted) -

suggests to me that this is a move towards Banking As A Platform…

(Steve Lewis ) #787

I’ve signed up to all the fintech banks
Monzo was the first
I must say that so far I am more impressed with monzo out of all of them
Atom had major login problems and kept locking me out the account
Starling are not as open as I would like and are beginning to remind me of the banks that are already out there
There’s a total lack of information , I’ve been waiting for a beta invite forever , there is no forum , and I’m about too lose interest
The fact monzo involves the community and we can keep up daily with what’s happening makes me feel so much more comfortable that someone is atleast listening


(Alex Sherwood) #789

Starling’s app is now in the App Store -

Edit - And following @anon44204028’s comment below, the Play Store -

so now users have another way to sign up to the waiting list :wink:

The app’s descriptions say this -

which translates into this -


It is also in the Google Play Store too

(I wonder if it is also in the Windows Store)

(Henry Pedro) #791

talk about taking their time.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #792

Monzo now is a crime fighter - q the tights and painted shield :slight_smile: all joking aside- as mentioned in article can only make account users finances safer

(Andy) #793

Dont be fooled,

I downloaded the app, and you then go into another queuing system, awaiting a Starling Pass, in order to open an account… to which when asked why they have seeming put all those who signed up back more than a year ago in another queue, they have said that people should recieve the pass by email soon… i have a feeling they dont have a clue at the moment

(Bruce) #794

I’d hope not, I really think the world could do with disappearing windows mobile. Competition is good, but it needs to be good competition