Monzo for Android - Release Notes (v.1.21.0) [Pulse!]

Hello everyone :wave:

Pulse is here! :chart_with_upwards_trend: And that’s not all.

Here’s the release notes for the new Android app.

Pulse is here! A snazzy graph to track your spending at a glance. (If you’re new to Monzo, you won’t see it for a couple of months because we don’t have enough data for you yet.)

You can now get your card delivered to any address, rather than just your registered home address.

We’ve made it easier to give us feedback to make our merchant info more useful for you.

Plus we squished bugs, as per usual.


Please share your feedback below :heart:

This will also be the dedicated feedback thread for Pulse :slightly_smiling_face:


Initial feedback on Pulse.

Not wanted. Needs to have an option to toggle it off. Takes up too much of the screen. For many people who have all their direct debits go out the same day or pay all their big bills the same day their income arrives it is just going to be a flat line like a dead patient in hospital… the only thing missing is the beeeeeep


After months of moaning (not necessarily by you!) about the lack of feature parity, now you don’t want parity? I’m terribly confused.


I’m on iOS and think Pulse is pointless. I would be good to have a toggle to turn it off. To me, it is just eye candy at the top of my app which could be utilised by my feed.


Monzo look at Starling app. Hmm, they have a shite piechart on their homescreen, let’s have a shite linechart on ours!

Does this include the fix for me not being able to scroll the pulse graph to the first day of any month? I have literally wanted to do this several times whilst re-categorising things and frankly I’ll be a little unhappy if you’re pushing a “stable” out that still has it :angry:

@cookywook could you actually confirm for me whether everyone is affected by this or just me? I’m surprised more people haven’t seemed to notice it so I’m wondering if its something about my account in particular that’s triggering it? I know at least you guys have reproduced it

Have you tried tapping the start of the pulse graph (edge of the screen)? It’s a little unintuitive, but I can get the 1st of the month

Yes, I can also manually scroll the feed to the days but it just doesn’t update the graph

FYI, we’re planning to have a dedicated Q&A thread with some of the team that worked on Pulse later this week/next week. So we’ll address a lot of your questions and feedback there. But I’ll also pick up bugs and things in the meantime.

We can reproduce this and we’ll work on a fix shortly.

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So you’re shipping broken code now? I’m sad to say I’m disappointed :frowning: - where’s the transparent disclaimer of this known issue I’m the changelog? Do you guys have any plans for a public bug tracker in the works? I’d greatly appreciate that :slight_smile:

I’m actually pretty unhappy about this since I use Monzo over Starling since they do sneaky informational withholding but you guys are totally the same on this case!

This wasn’t intentional at all, Peter, and I’m really sorry that you’re unhappy about this, but I’d also like to thank you for bringing it to our attention.

We do very stringent QA testing but occasionally stuff will fall through the cracks and this is one of those times, so we are very sorry about that and a fix will be prioritised here.

A public bug tracker is a good idea and I will raise the idea internally :grinning:


Thanks @simonb that’s great to hear :blush:

Edit: this sort of “real” and transparent response is what keeps me around here beyond the awesomeness of the Monzo product itself. And apologies for the bluntness of my above post - I’ve been working in QA for the last few years so I have quite high ideals about it :smile:


The note about being able to give feedback about merchants, does that mean we can ‘report’ merchants that haven’t been given human readable names yet? If so, I can’t find this function in the android app :yum:

There should be some blue text inside the Transaction View, “Improve Name, Location or Logo”

Are there any users who actually want the pulse graph? I’m all for feature parity where features are useful, but reproducing something that hasn’t worked on the other platform does seem rather strange. Maybe Apple users love it?


Im willing to give it the benefit of the doubt at the moment - I could probably find 10 ish posts from Android users that have been crying out for the pulse graph because IOS have it and we insist on feature parity :slight_smile: - sure - not everything pleases everybody :slight_smile:

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Just make it optional. For the people who love it and can’t live without - no problem. For those who see no practical use for it and would rather see more transactions instead, an option in settings to turn it off. Simples.

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Had it on iOS for ages now and I don’t get how I should be using it. Scrolling along it results it in pinging back to where you started, clicking on it moved the timeline somewhat, then if you scroll it pings back to where you last clicked.

I can’t tell what it’s trying to show me half the time? Perhaps I just don’t understand it but I personally don’t think the information it’s trying to present is very clear.

Would post a video but would show off to much data. I also tried to send a video of this to COps because it just feels buggy but you can’t send videos so I just had to explain it. Was quite a while ago now but it remains the same


for me it tells me the balance in my account on the particular day Ive scrolled to it also takes me to that particular days spend - the really interesting stuff I think is coming …soon :slight_smile:


If pulse could show me my predicted balance in a month’s time taking all my usual ins and outs into consideration, then you can take up as much of my screen as you like. My historical balance just doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s gone. It’s what I’m going to have (or not have) that matters, and when. Do admit it’s handy for scrolling up and down the list of transactions though.