New user joint account teething questions

3rd post on this voting topic lists the JA let-downs (thanks for voting for it too :+1:)

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I can’t understand why both Monzo and Starling don’t offer overdrafts on their joint accounts.

I’m hopeful that Starling’s recent withdrawal of personal borrowing features envisages a relaunched set of lending features, including joint overdrafts and credit cards.

Sadly the functionality gap between sole and joint accounts only seems to widen. Do we know what percentage of Monzo accounts are joint?

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I know this is a bit unorthodox, but if insurance is what you really want from a (packaged) joint account then you could open another joint account elsewhere just for this purpose. Nationwide FlexPlus is commonly mentioned as a good pick, but there is also Halifax or even Co-op if the mix of insurances are better for your circumstances.

You could then keep using Monzo for your spending, income and everything else - but you would be covered by the insurance at your other joint account.

Obviously, the hope would be that one day Monzo will offer plus/premium insurances for joint users, and at that stage you could shut down the other account if you wanted to.

It may also be helpful to have a second backup account for cash and cheques, as you’ve probably gathered from your reading that Monzo don’t really deal with those very well.

Hi. Thanks for the good advice, but I was being a bit flippant as I felt I was doing a lot of moaning! For me, it is the bank account functionality that is most interesting from a Monzo premium account. The insurance stuff would be a bonus as it reduces the hassle of sorting them out separately, but is not why I want the premium account!

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While I would like most of the stuff on that list they’re mostly new feature requests not parity issues per say…

I can only count a few of parity things… My opinion of course :grin:


In case it is useful to anyone else in my position who may be reading this, I’ve had a chance this morning to discover some of the functionality that is open to a joint account user.

The ability to tag transactions doesn’t solve many of my account management desires, but it does give some custom categorisation options. The transactions cannot be split, but at least one can assign a transaction to multiple custom categories. Which is nice.

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I agree with your opinion there.

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I’m keen to bang the drum for joint accounts. It’s just not working for me and my wife and as all
Our finances are interlinked and only my salary, without a functional joint account we will have to go back to the dark side until monzo can offer.

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The simple matter is they don’t care, they added joint accounts to encourage more people to switch and then have forgotten about them


I don’t think they’ve forgotten about them. Not with people bringing it up in every topic on here!

What it seems that they’ve done is given it a lower priority by getting things working only on current accounts and getting the feature out of the door.

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We are quite happy with our joint account, the pay direct debits from pots feature is far better than what we had with our previous current account. We find our personal accounts a bit of an annoyance really, we’d happily do away with them and just have the joint one. I don’t see the point of packaged bank accounts, if you shop around you can normally find the insurance you need for less from an insurance company.

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Is anyone else having a problem even just getting a joint account. For me it just says “it’s not available right now”.

Have they pulled the product offering for new requests as it appears to be substandard ? Would be nice to hear an official line on this.

It’s not substandard and it is still available.

They are just being a bit stricter on the criteria they are using. There will be a reason but they won’t tell you what it is or explain any more than they already have.

You can wait and see if they relax it/whatever you’re doing goes over that threshold or go elsewhere.

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If it appears to be substandard, why do you want one?

it “appears” to be substandard from the comments I have read, would like to be able to try it for myself to validate or otherwise (plus give some constructive feedback), only Monzo not allowing new joint accounts (or maybe they just don’t want to give me one)

its the “they won’t tell you” that I don’t like.

That’s the law unfortunately.

You’re perfectly entitled not to like it but shouldn’t confuse that with an idea that we have any ability to change it.


well, I’d like to be able to talk to someone at monzo about it so I can understand whats available and how I can try it and then help to change it, rather than cryptic messages