Current Accounts and my legacy bank

When Monzo launch their current accounts, I plan to move over from my legacy provider (NatWest). who I currently do mobile banking with.

Will it be fairly easy to set up/transfer over direct debits, standing orders, payments, a second current account and ISAs? Essentially, I want what I have got now but on Monzo instead of NatWest (I’m bitter over them closing my local branch in just under three months and wish to make my point by taking my custom, as insignificant as it is, elsewhere).

This should be fairly easy to fix I take it? ISAs will be 3rd party I see.

Apologies if I have asked this before but my memory is not brilliant.

Many thanks as always.


We don’t have lots of the specifics on it how will work yet, but we want to make switching to a Monzo current account a smooth and fuss-free process as far as possible.

We’re working to join CASS (Current Account Switching Service) which will help with this, although this may not be in time for the release of our first current accounts.

The only two things which our current accounts won’t support are second accounts and ISA’s although as you’ve mentioned, we’ll be looking to third-party collaborators who can provide this service, to integrate with in the long term.


Hi Naji!

Brilliant! I’m sure you’ll work it out for us. Can’t wait! :smiley:

I’m sure you’ll keep us posted. :slight_smile:


Are there any plans for joint accounts?

Not as we know it, but they have some ideas for an alternative to joint accounts such as a common account, shared account or linked accounts. I look forward to hearing once they have finalised their ideas

Here’s the latest on joint accounts -

if anything’s been missed in that discussion please do share your thoughts there :raised_hands:

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