Monzo joint accounts - The Full Monty?

We’re having to hold off moving completely over to Monzo until joint account are available as we want to continue using a joint account exclusively as we do currently with HSBC. The main reason we want to move over to Monzo is due to all the features that they offer compared to what we have now such as pots, budgets, spending summary, coin jar, Apple Pay etc. I can see pots especially being very useful.

I understand joint accounts will be out very soon but I wanted to check that joint accounts will offer the full Monzo experience and not a watered down version with some of the above\any features missing.

Can anyone confirm that joint accounts will have all the features\functionality of the current single accounts?


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There won’t be any CASS facility , overdrafts or joint savings pots at launch :disappointed:

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And you will need to have individual accounts to apply for a joint account, you can’t have a joint account and no individual accounts


There’ll be a few features missing at launch just to get them ready as soon as possible. They are going to add the usual Monzo features after launch though, there’s just no ETA on them.

Features I know are currently missing:
The Pulse (although i’ve had my joint account for less than a month and it usually takes a month to unlock, so might be there)

Other than those, it appears to be pretty identical- Summary is there with committed spend/direct debits etc.

Joint accounts are in testing still - well they must be as using TestFlight app. Only problem I have the joint account card just can’t use the app!! How :rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

They are in the production app if they have been enabled for you. Otherwise will be in the lab soon


I used cass on our monzo joint account and it worked fine

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That’s strange, they’ve said several times it’s not available. All direct debits transferred and set up correctly?

I can see the option to go full monzo in my joint account but screen still says they don’t support joint. Can anyone at monzo (@joshbrucemonzo @cookywook) confirm if it works??

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I’m on the test flight app, one of the 100 that got in first. Tried it about 2 weeks ago, probably the first day of having it :sweat_smile:

Was it joint to joint? I’m sorely tempted but I don’t have any spare accounts I can test with :rofl:

Yup, joint to joint. We’re now totally full monzo :exploding_head:


I didn’t think CASS was available for Joint Accounts either? Would be great if it was. If not, then I’m going to move a few Direct debits over manually once the cards arrive and see how I get on.

What’s the official word, should we hang fire on switching joint accounts? :smile:

I’ve initiated the switch in a joint to joint account. Let’s see what happens!

Thanks for the confirmed list of missing features.

We’d have to wait until CASS was available before we could move anyway but even then I may well wait for Pots as that’s one of the key features that I was after.

We have a couple of other accounts purely for keeping money separate from the main joint account spending. Ideally i’d like to those these accounts and replace them with Monzo pots.

I’d be surprised if the pulse graph was missing, lets hope not.

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Interested to read this discussion, does anyone know when the joint accounts will be fully launched or is it provisional based on how the testing goes?

So far so good :eyes: image


How does setting a payment date work with a joint account and two lots of salary being paid in? I don’t suppose it will be possible to get a month - month accurate breakdown if pay day is different for both people?

I would like to know this too

Nothing’s been announced. It’s into Labs next so I’d guess we’re waiting to see how things go from there.