Setting up a new joint account

Hi All,

My partner (after much persuasion) downloaded Monzo to set up an account with the goal of setting up a joint account for us. It will be easy I said. Unfortunately after setting up his account and spending on it, we are still unable to set up a joint account and the message we get is that Monzo is unable to tell us why, so we can’t even do anything to rectify the situation. Any help/tips would be great fully received.

Hi. Welcome.

There’s nothing you do can unfortunately. That’s all the info Monzo will give and they don’t want you to have a joint account.

If you have a search there are a number of these threads, so they may have toughened a criteria or something, but it’s impossible to know.

It’s not essential for them to use their single account in order to get the joint account though.

All you can do is wait and retry.


Thank you, such a shame as in this day and age there as so many other options it just means we will be going elsewhere for our banking.