Joint account refusal

I am posting as an older person just retired,I have had Monzo account for about 4 years now.
I initially wanted to use for saving and when travelling,the pandemic obviously slowed that down.
My wife recently opened an account with the intention of using on a regular basis (she works part time),and for us both to open a joint savings account for her security in case anything happened to me she would have access to “our money”. unfortunately our attempt to open a joint account was refused.
Any suggestions on how to overcome this.
Brian Shaw

You can’t overcome this I’m afraid. You can email but wouldn’t anticipate the decision will change.

I wasn’t granted a joint account either, so we went to Starling Bank and all opened and approved within 6 hours.

Interesting thanks for you reply

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Same here, get the feeling they aren’t accepting any new joint account customers…

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We are :relaxed:

They are. The requirements are just stricter.

I can’t really get my head around this. Each joint account user has to have a personal current account, and in this case both users have been accepted for this.

There are no overdrafts available on joint accounts (though IMO there should be, but that’s a different conversation), and it’s pretty much impossible to go into an unplanned/unauthorised overdraft.

So, maybe I’m being a bit dense here but I don’t understand why you’d turn down a request for a joint account if it would result in a couple using Monzo for their household banking.


There’s no getting your head around it tbf, Monzo won’t discuss the internal mechanisms they use for account creations, be that joint, sole, business etc.

It’s been brought up many a time, doesn’t lead anywhere though :joy:

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Does anyone know if you are refused a joint account can you try again at some point?

Asking out of curiosity no other reason.

We likely never will find the reason, but the only thing I can think of, assuming both applicants live at the same address, might be if their credit profiles are widely different?

I’m clutching at straws, I could be wildly wrong, and there could be other reasons as well, but that’s the best I can come up with.

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That was my thought too.

It seems to be that person A is long standing Monzo and person B joins (with no issue) and then cant do the joint bit. So could be that Person A is the risk? Not enough for Monzo to bin them off, but enough for them to not give them a second account? Which could tie back to what @Anarchist said above.

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I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe there’s an unpublicised “probation period” before someone can have a joint account.

I appreciate it’s confusing.

You can reapply at a later date but again no guarantee this will change.

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