Joint accounts feedback

So I am fully Monzo as i’ve been so impressed with speed of development! Well, for my personal accounts, but I’m now switching our family joint account to Monzo.

We’ve had the joint account open on Monzo a while now - I’ve noticed a real slow down in app load times since I’ve had the second account. It’s as if the account selector in particular really effects performance. Are joint accounts still in beta or is anyone else experiencing this? I also find the account selector in general sometimes fails to respond. Like it’s a bit buggy still.

Another thing, when I switch to the joint account, it still has my name along the top and frankly suggests nowhere that I’m in the joint account. My display picture is still very much at the front too. Is this expected behaviour?

Lastly the account settings for joint account is weirdly similar. It’s got my display pic there still so I can change it etc, it’s literally just the account number that’s different but it doesn’t feel very clear. I’d expect it to at least reference the fact I’m on a joint account rather than my own settings.

I saw another topic mentioning the difficulty in knowing when you’re in the JA and not personal, I’d have to agree with that.

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This has been mentioned so many times. In fact someone opened a topic about this yesterday as well.

It has already been acknowledged by Monzo that the UX needs some love and they’re working on it. If you have a search you should be able to find some mockups of their proposed redesign too.

There are a few differences that you will notice…

  • On the feed screen, the top is white background for joint account and blue for a sole account.
  • On the account tab, if you are in the joint account you will have two circular avatars/initials and if you are in your sole accountit will be one (yours).

Whilst I admit this isn’t that obvious, as mentioned above Monzo have admitted it’s not ideal and there are plans to change this to make it more obvious.