Monzo App sign-up/login/access issues - common things to try

There have been several reports of users being unable to run the app (before sign-up is complete) and also after sign-up/verification has been done. There are several common causes for these situations, detailed below:-

Monzo App fails to run, or closes, on first run before initial account sign-up can be achieved:

  • Is your default Camera app on your device working? Monzo needs access to the camera for proof of ID upload and a video selfie for verification purposes
  • Is your Sound ‘On’ (not on silent, do-not-disturb or 'Off)?
  • Is your device able to connect to the internet?

Monzo App informs that verification is in progress:

  • Not much can be done here - Monzo needs to verify your submitted sign-up details before the account is granted. This is a waiting game… some users have reported up to 2-3 days for the verification to be completed

Monzo App fails to run after a successful sign-up and verification has been completed:

  • Have your device permissions changed since initial sign-up? The Monzo App requires permission to use Storage and Camera
  • Is your default Camera app on your device working? Users have reported that even after a successful sign-up, subsequent login attempts will fail if the device camera is not working
  • Is your Sound ‘On’ (not on silent, do-not-disturb or 'Off)? Users have reported that even after a successful sign-up, subsequent login attempts will fail if the device sound is not ‘On’
  • Is your device online (WiFi/Mobile data)? If not, it may need to be. If it is, try and switch to another access type (switch WiFi off and retry for example)

If the permissions, camera, sound and online access are OK and you still cannot login to the Monzo App:

  • Uninstall the app (important - this can clear errors)
  • Download and install the app again on your phone
  • Run the Monzo app, it will ask you for an email address
  • Enter the same email address you used to initially join Monzo - the app will then send a magic link to that email address - CHECK - If you are unsure which email address you used to sign-up to Monzo, using a browser go to and try and login. If you are successful, you have used the correct email address. If not successful, try and login with another email address that you own/control and may have used in the past to sign-up to Monzo
  • Using your phone’s email client to access your email - OR - your phone’s browser to access your webmail via browser (using the same email used initially to sign up with Monzo - SEE BELOW**), look for the very latest email from Monzo with a Magic Link and then follow the instructions in that email (it will have a box to tap on)
  • Once tapped on, the Monzo app will open (your device may ask you if it should open the link via the Monzo App - if it does, tap on ‘Yes’) and login to your account - and should work from this point unless you log out of the Monzo App

**If you already have an account with Monzo and you’re trying to login, and you are asked to enter your phone number, this always means you have entered the wrong email address. Always. The phone number prompt only ever occurs on the sign-up flow, when entering an email not already tied to an account, not the log-in flow when the email already exists for an account.

If the above fails,

  • Do you have a different device on which you can install the Monzo App onto and login? If trying to sign-up/access on a different device also fails, it is likely to be an issue with your account - so:
  • Contact Monzo directly via email with full details of the access issue;

hi i cant login to my app

If you gone through the procedure above, and still can’t log in, you’d best contact Monzo.

You can call the number on your card, or email