App logs me out every day

Starting a couple of months ago, I have to log in to the Monzo app on my phone everyday:

  • I click on the app
  • I get a screen asking me if I already have an account
  • I select the “already have an account” option and enter my email
  • I follow the email link to log in
  • The app then asks me questions like as though I’m a first-time user e.g. “do you want to enable notifications”
  • I seem to be able to access the app for a bit (definitely minutes, maybe hours) without logging in again, but the next day I have to repeat the whole process

It is getting to the point where Monzo is becoming unusable for me, as having to log in every day kills the convenience of the app.

Following the advice in Monzo App sign-up/login/access issues - common things to try, I have

  1. Uninstalled the Monzo app
  2. Restarted my phone
  3. Re-installed the Monzo app

This did not fix the issue.

I am using Monzo app v5.21.0 on iOS15.7.5.

Are you logging out everytime you close the app? As that logs you out of the app everytime, unlike other banks where it’s logging out of the session.

You don’t need to with monzo.

Using this option logs you out fully, it’s not a glitch, you’d be telling it to log you out of the app in full.


No, unfortunately that’s not it. I’m not logging myself out, I just move away from the app by switching to a different app or leaving my phone to sleep.

Is your phone somehow disabling apps in the background and clearing the cache etc somehow?

Do you use a boost memory type app?

@Carlo1460 thanks for your help, but I’m really trying to reach out to someone on the Monzo tech team.

To be clear, the Monzo app has been working perfectly for me for several years, until a month or so ago when something changed. This makes me think it’s probably something to do with a recent app update, and maybe my iOS version.


You need to message monzo then, not ask on an open forum.

Tap Help and search what you need help with, or type contact support to head to the chat service.


Do you just login on the one apple device, or do you have a secondary?

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iOS doesn’t need any of that junk unlike android :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn’t notice the iOS part in the very last bit of the post, thought it was the app version :joy:

I’m Android and have no such thing.

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It might be worth sharing that over in this thread so the team working on things like that this know it’s an issue:

If I recall correctly, this logging out issue is Monzo’s solve for a certain crash recovery that would otherwise brick the app. I was under the impression that that particular issue had been resolved though, but perhaps this remains in place for others?

Perhaps @DaleBuckley might be able to shed some light.

Is there anything in particular you do daily with your device that you can think of which might not be a typical thing most folks would do? Could be something as benign as turning your phone completely off at night.

I ask because it’s possible you’re doing something that might not seem in any way related to the issue that could be causing it, and trying to identify what that might be could both help myself and others to replicate it, and in turn, for Monzo to fix it.

This may be totally unconnected but my old iPhone 7 used to log me out of Monzo whenever I left the house. I had to log in multiple times before I got home. This happened EVERY time I left the house ! I’m now on a new iPhone and have had no problems at all since I upgraded. I would strongly suggest you check the software version your phone is running. In my case it was put down to corrupted beta Apple software. As I said this may be unconnected with your issue but worth a thought.

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I can’t think of anything. My phone is an iPhone7 running iOS 15.7.5. The battery health isn’t great so I often have to top it up in the afternoon, but I don’t turn it off overnight or anything.

I’ve only ever logged in on my current phone.

When I did that it directed me to this forum …

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How is the health of your phone? I wonder if it could be related as it’s so old but you can’t be the only person on a phone that old.

Apart from the battery life, I haven’t noticed any problems with the phone or with other apps.

@N26throwaway Thanks for the tag!

@monzouser123 I apologise for the issue you are having at the moment, I understand what a frustrating experience this is. We are actively working on logout issues at the moment and have a fix in the pipeline targeting 5.23.0 or 5.24.0 depending on how internal testing goes. This fix not only targets the issue at hand, but also puts in a session recovery mechanism for when things go awry.

Sorry I can’t give you an immediate solution, but rest assured we are are trying to address this issue as quickly as possible.


Hey @DaleBuckley – do you know if your fix made it in? I’m running 5.24.0 but see the same issue as @monzouser123 (not every day, quite a bit more erratic than that. Can go a few days without happening, sometimes longer, but happened yesterday and just today it’s already happened twice). I’m also on an iPhone 7, fwiw.

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@pjohnkeane The fix has been delayed due to issues seen during testing. We are working on it as we speak and should have more to share soon. Sorry I can’t give a more concrete answer at the moment.


No worries - thanks for the update, I appreciate the comms!

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Hi, just wanted to say I’m having same issue. Also on iPhone 7. My IOS is 15.7.5 and my app version is 5.25.0. I’ve been using Monzo since 2017 and never experienced anything like this. I’ve been logged out 6 times in the last week alone. I hope it gets fixed soon as makes the app a bit unusable.

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I’ve said this on here before. Last year I was using an iPhone 7 and was experiencing log outs whenever I left home,ie whenever I left my home wi fi. Apple support said it could be a corrupted beta software update (Geek alert; I was part of the beta software program) and since I upgraded to my current iPhone 12 I’ve not had any issues. Only saying this because of the mention of iPhone 7 and may have no bearing whatsoever.