New phone, login doesn't work

I have a new phone, downloaded the app and tried to login. I get the following error.

Also I tried to log via and the page freezes and does nothing (I tried in Safari, Chrome and Firefox), however I can still access fine on my previous phone.

Have you tried deleting the app on your new phone and re-downloading it? I think if you do the migration from one phone to another it can get messed up and this seems to fix it. Won’t hurt to try.

Hi @BTron & welcome :wave:

Try running through the steps here:

I didn’t do the migration, it is a fresh install, and yes I downloaded twice already

yes, I tried that, but nothing worked.

Do you have a good connection? Are you using a VPN? Are you in the UK? Did you try the web log in on a computer or your phone?

Thanks for the response, I did it both with wifi and cellular connections, apparently it was some problem with Monzo authentication/login services, since I tried the same right now and it worked.

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Thanks for the feedback and good to know you’re up and running with :monzo: on the new phone :+1:

Ah, now it makes sense. At the time this wasn’t known about but it was a Monzo issue with chat and login problems yesterday evening. The ‘different phone’ variable was a complete coincidence.