Losing faith on joint accounts

I’ve been with Monzo for ages but and equivalence in statement outputs cf personal accounts where you have savings pots… they don’t seem to listen when it comes to joint account overdrafts

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No overdraft facility for joint accounts

Statement on joints has bug that doesn’t seem to split out savings pots like the personal account statement does

There’s more Personal/Joint account parity issues here; Joint account parity (split from Monzo Plus thread)


This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

It might be worth submitting a bug report for this issue here:

Joint account holders have been second class citizens from the beginning. Strange as I’d suspect joint account make them more money (likely to be financially buoyant couples with salaries and twice the transactions of a single account).


Not sure why only financially buoyant couples would be more likely to have a joint account

Can see the arguments for the opposite

I guess it’s more of an old school old money kind of thing to have a joint account account with all spending going through it. I may be way off the mark with the Monzo demographic though but that was the case with more traditional banks.