Feedback: Joint Account testing

I’m not sure, it’s worth checking!

@alexs I’m talking to in app chat but I’m not sure they are understanding me despite screenshots. Hopefully the account is set up? Cards say they are on the way?
I just thought the joint account would show in app before card arrive.

I can’t answer those questions I’m afraid. Take a deep breath, I’m sure the support team will get this sorted in no time.

It should be showing if you long press on the accounts button you should get the account picker

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Can we use CASS with Joint Accounts yet?
When will the Joint Cards be ready?



Seems like an Easter egg to actually get into the joint account section on iOS. There’s no way of knowing you can long press the tab bar to get the switcher. Something as simple as a couple of arrows next to the account icon would help. Or is there another to switch accounts I’m missing?



I made it into the testing group… Had no idea the testing pool was that small!

First observation is it was a bit of a guess as to how we alternate between the two.
It would appear that you hold you finger over the central ‘account’ icon but it feels a bit like a treasure hunt.

More feedback once the card arrives and we can start using it.

Just a quick comparison between signing up for a Joint Account with Monzo vs First Direct. It was chalk and cheese. For a bank like first direct that has no branches, and should be absolutely flawless with online / app / telephone banking, they actually look like the startup in comparison to Monzo’s slick process.

Didn’t have to wait for letters to arrive, no long forms to fill out, easy to read T’s & C’s, simple step by step process, awesome way of choosing who you want to open an account with, great way of handing over to their app to complete set up. Just simple, as-it-should-be banking


I had no idea how to switch between accounts either just happened to stumble upon it when randomly tapping. It’s not clear at all. Hopefully there’s plenty of improvements planned in!


Thanks for the feedback on the joint account switcher. We’ll see what we can do to make it super clear.




Just a bit of feedback. Please add joint account pots ( I know shared pots are coming but they seem slightly different in that it can be more than two people and you may not have full access to the funds). My partner and I would like to save for things together using our joint account rather than having to use our personal account pots and then combining them.

Please make total balance in joint accounts clearer. It should be everything contained in that account only e.g current balance plus joint account pots once that’s implemented. I may have a different philosophy on this than the designers but a joint account should be a separate account to the other accounts you have, function in the same way but just happen to be accessible to two people.


Awesome stuff! I don’t mind the method for switching accounts. It’s quick and easy as it is just not very obvious to find for the first time. Maybe a small hint or help screen when joint account is opened would help!

Afternoon, feedback so far

  • Switching could be more obvious - the designs tweeted out earlier are certainly an improvement (but I do like the fact you can switch from anywhere in the app because it’s from the nav bar. An account page based dropdown means this is less convenient

  • When you switch it takes you back to the home feed, when I’m kinda expecting to go the same page I am on, just for the ‘other account’

  • I don’t think it’s clear enough which account you are in when you are on the account page (yes you can look at the account number and see its different from your main one.) But the fact the layout with profile pic, name and details are all exactly the same as my personal account means it is hard to tell at a glance + even harder on the home feed (except no pulse for now which makes it more obvious atm)

  • Any thoughts on how summary will work if A) you contribute funds to a join account rather than getting paid directly into it (quite common I’d imagine) or B) with two separate salary amounts being paid in on separate days in the month… tricky and I have no bright ideas :thinking:

  • Some settings are ‘global’ like FaceID unlock for the app, custom icon… some are account specific like gambling block, mag stripe for atm use etc, confusing to have global ones in both ‘account settings’ area - also not clear what will be affected - if I turn off transaction and payments notifications for the joint account, will it also turn them off for my personal account? App level (FaceID) / account level (gambling block on my account, not on the joint) / person level settings (notifications on for this, not for that) all seem to come into play here

  • agree with balance / pots confusion points made above

  • With IFTTT integration presumably coming, what happens if me and my partner create separate applets that are in conflict with each other and stored in our separate IFTTT accounts?

hope that’s helpful


Initial feedback - I signed up from within the app, it wasn’t particularly obvious to find :eyes: but did have a feed item to use, so that was good :+1: Went through the sign-up process, all very easy, and got confirmation that cards will be sent out shortly. Now though I have no way to be able to see the status of the new account, is it pending, has it happened… :checkered_flag: :question: I don’t know. I am guessing I will get a feed notification once all setup? Would be nice to have a way to check the status easily, I seem to remember I had the same thing when using CASS.

Wil give more feedback once I have a working account and card :credit_card:

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:monzo: are looking at making it a better experience.

Swear I saw the suggestion posted before but I’d also really really like to see everything in one feed, with little overlays on the icons maybe. Filters if you want see transactions from either account.

Feels really legacy ‘switching’ between accounts to manage my cash and see what’s going on.

I’ve just tried moving money from my solo account to my joint account, it asks me to scan my finger print, spins its circle and then nothing seems to happen, the money remains in my solo account. Is this currently the expected behaviour? I’ve not yet activate my card of that helps?

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