Manage your money together with joint accounts!

I assume you mean switching service i.e. CASS?

There are no announced plans to enable this. Your only option is to do it manually and those who have done it this way are reporting that it isn’t as big of an issue as they first thought :slight_smile:


Do we know when the following will be fixed? If I purchase an item using my monzo current account 1) I can’t split it with my joint account 2) if I send the money from my joint to my current account it doesn’t update the summary so always looks like I’ve spent more than I actually have.


Same here. Neither my partner or I use our individual accounts at all. So having two individual accounts is a complete waste… we just need a Joint Account. It can also get confusing for other Monzo users wanting to make a payment to us. We appear automatically from our phone number but the default payment is to our individual account. Any way of disabling it??


Is there any news on when joint account overdrafts may become available? Me and my wife really want to go full Monzo but just can’t risk mortgage etc coming out of the joint account without an overdraft in case of unforseen stuff


While it would be good to have that cushion of an overdraft, don’t forget, just like your current account you will get an alert before your direct debit is due if you have insufficient funds :slight_smile:

You can then move funds from any account you wish to avoid any charges from either Monzo or the supplier.

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That’s a good point. I would close my other account to move to Monzo but would have the overdraft on my persanal Monzo account to act as a buffer. Thanks for your reply

Hey guys - any update on saving pots coming to joint accounts? I currently have a pot of money sat there not collecting interest because I want my wife to have access to it in our joint account.

Fixed accounts are already available if that’s what you’re after. Regular savings are coming soon. No idea if that’s actually soon or Monzo :soon:

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I’ve been over a day for a response to that very question with Monzo C(Mis)Ops

100% the same for us. I would love our joint account to be the primary/default account for all activities including our contacts - but it needs an overdraft facility. The Joint account should be on par with other accounts. I would love to hear from Monzo on this.

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Hey Stu! You can already open a fixed Savings Pot for 6, 9 or 12 months on your joint account :tada:

We’re working on getting easy access Pots to joint accounts soon too - and it shouldn’t be too long :crossed_fingers:

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Shame that COps have absolutely zero clue about this or that Flexible Pots are back on Personal Accounts.

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I wouldn’t expect COps to know anything about future stuff since they’re there to support the current products.

COps don’t know about current products either.

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Just fancied a little rant…

iv had an account for over a year and then opened a joint account with my wife three months ago.
we are loving Monzo

(wages paid in - all bills paid out of this account)

we love stuff like

instant notifications
seeing payments the day before
savings pots… ect

so much better than our old bank.

but i do feel that the Joint offering seems to be second class
No -
ifttt / just to name two

im using the new look on test which i love but the
Monzo Plus test is yet another offering not available to Joint accounts

we are the same as others on this thread, we only use our joint acc
so why are we being treated like second class…


I really wish we had the committed spending pots. At the moment without this along with the lack of an overdraft on the join account is causing lots of repeated payments to be declined because it’s not been moved from the pot.

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You can vote for joint account overdrafts here:


Joint Acc do have / use CASS
Current Account Switch Service

You have a separate personal account on which you are getting all those features, no?

I’m in the same boat, but for us Joint Account is for bills so it’s a ‘dump money in and forget’ kinda approach, which I appreciate doesn’t work for everyone.

If Monzo came out and stated, ‘Joint Accounts will always have fewer features than Personal Accounts’ would it make you move away? Just curious.

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If thay said that then YES we would move back to old acc…
Im really hoping all things come to joint eventually… time will tell - Im willing to give it a year.