Overdraft on Joint Accounts


I was wondering whether overdrafts will be added to joint accounts?

My partner and I currently have a joint account with Natwest which includes a small overdraft - it’s really useful for us as I get paid monthly however he gets paid every fortnight therefore it can act as a safety net for us with our bills (even though we are budgeting there can be unexpected outgoings! :joy: )

The pending transactions are a nightmare with other banks which is why we both enjoy using Monzo however this would be crucial for us to switch our joint account to them. Does anyone know if this is planned?

Thanks :smiley:

No-one knows if this is planned unfortunately. I’d like to think such a feature would be available too - but there’s no known time-frame for release (or if it is on the development path at all)

For context: we currently use a :monzo: joint account as our main account.

Thanks for your reply!


Be sure to vote for it in the below topic


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