Joint account overdrafts

Not with NatWest but mine worked perfectly with Santander alongside my single switch. All DDs were transferred over. Not sure why they don’t fully release this to be honest.

I just tried a Santander switch and it was rejected :man_shrugging:

Was there a reason given? Was it Monzo or Santander that rejected it?

Santander rejected it, the original notification said I’d need to contact Santander to find out why and then I clicked on the feed item later and it said I didn’t provide the last 5 digits of the bank card.

Which I did, but only for my card obviously. I think that’s come up previously as a reason why the flow doesn’t work.

Yes some banks will reject because of not receiving both PAN numbers but not all of them so it’s very chance it and see this now!

How did you initiate the switch for the joint account? The option does not show for me.

The option is there, but it’s hidden:

Summary > Add Scheduled Payment > Switch to Monzo > Tell me more

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Perhaps being a bit dim but the ‘Add scheduled payment’ option does not show for me in Summary when in my joint account.

I guess we have different versions of the app, or they’re releasing the functionality to a limited set of users for testing purposes. I’m on android with the latest version (with beta versions enabled in the play store).

It’s the same menu with standing orders, direct debits etc. in if you can find another button to get there…

I just realised I only really have about five active direct debits anyway. I’d love to try it out but not the biggest of tasks to get things switched over

If you click on Tell me more, it takes you to the single account switch page, you just can’t tell that immediately. On the second page in it says “We can’t switch from joint accounts or savings accounts.”


If you went ahead with it it would fail, as there’s no opportunity to enter the other person’s old card number.

Any update on when joint account cass might become available?

Joint accounts have been around for a few weeks now and i had been hoping that CASS for them would have been rolled out by now. Instead, it seems they’re going back wards by removing partial switches on single accounts. Anyone know what’s going on?

Partials were causing too many problems, apparently.
Turning off partial switches

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the system just wasn’t working well and was creating a lot of work for CS.

It works for most banks but there are some banks that’ll reject it if they don’t have the last 5 digits of both pan numbers.

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If you go ahead with it i think it’s 50/50 whether it works or not. I went ahead and just put my card number in, not the other joint card holder’s, and it went through absolutely fine. That was with Santander - so it may depend on the bank.

Just bite the bullet and move them manually and you won’t regret it once done :slight_smile: I did this ages ago and it isn’t as hard work as you might think. It saves messing about trying to fudge it in the app too.

In fact, in the time spent already you could have moved them all manually by now :wink:

I’ve actually already moved all the direct debits and standing orders manually. Some had to be done by post for joint accounts (our local council). Certainly would have been easier and far faster if it was available in the app and we hit a few buttons and type a few numbers, oh well.

Was more hoping on using CASS to close the old one down without having to wait for ages on the phone and talk to the old bank, and, in the super edge case I’ve forgotten something that might credit to our account (like a refund or something), from some past or future prepaid thing, it’d be nice to have the redirect automagically.

Yeah clicking a button would certainly have been easier but at least it is done now :slight_smile:

Welcome to full Monzo! :partying_face:

If you click on Tell me more, it takes you to the single account switch page, you just can’t tell that immediately. On the second page in it says “We can’t switch from joint accounts or savings accounts.”

Just to clarify - it actually takes you to a joint account switch page, it just looks like the standard account switch page (given it says “We can’t switch from joint accounts or savings accounts”). It also never asks you for the other persons’ card details - probably something they’re working on to get full CASS coverage for joint accounts.

We were with HSBC and joint account switch worked fine. We had already emptied the account and moved all the direct debits over, but we probably didn’t need to! doh.

The joint account was based out of the branch my wife opened her personal account from, so I got her to initiate the switch from her Monzo app, rather than mine, not sure if that makes any difference - probably not. Requested switch on 18th Sep, shows up in both of our joint accounts feeds, and went through on 27th/28th.

Now we’re definitely full Monzo. :partying_face:

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