Bank Transfers in summary

Can we please get Bank Transfers to appear in the categories in summary. Transfers between Monzo users appears there, but not everyone in my entire life is on Monzo.

Particularly with the advent of Monzo Plus and custom categories, and maybe a future focus on more budgeting tools, it’d be nice for summary to actually accurately reflect what’s coming in and out of my account.

As an example of what I mean, I bought some fish and chips for me and my family, cost £30, £5 of that was my fish and chips, and I got paid back the remaining £25. When the money paid back to me comes from a Monzo bill split, it adds the money back into the budget in summary, but when it comes by external bank transfer it does not, which means it looks to my budget like I’ve spent more on dining out than I actually have. I’ve not used summary for a good year or so now because of this. If it’s going to be useful, it has to be actually accurate.

I appreciate this may be one of those tiny annoyances that is supposed to encourage us to get people to use Monzo, but I can’t convince everyone.

I read on a thread somewhere that there’s a core experience team, or something along those lines that are going through fixing a bunch of small things in the app. If I remember correctly they fixed the fact that you couldn’t put notes on all transactions on iOS. Can we please get this done too?

I sincerely hope Monzo isn’t choosing/designing features with this in mind.

There is already threads on this issue you can vote on.

Aside from those comments, this makes sense (£30 on fish and chips though, what!! :wink: )

I hope they’re not too, and that it’s just something that continued to slip through the cracks like notes.

Oh, I did search for a topic on this already, but I couldn’t seem to find any

haha, can’t tell if that’s a lot, or not very much :stuck_out_tongue: when in London £20 gets us fish and chips for 2, which hurts me, down south £30 gets 5 peoples worth lol

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