Adding an income to a certain category should add it to the budget of that catagory

so this though came to me as i was dealing with my work expenses.

my work does a pretty standard process of i work out how many miles i drove to each destination and they give me so much per mile i drove ( based on engine size)

the trouble i am having is i set a travel budget for my self to monitor my own spending on fuel but as i get rembursed for what ever fuel i used it messes with my budgets i have set, this is why i propose if i get reembursed from work and then add this transaction to the travel catagory it will add it to the budget as it can end up showing i have sepnt a lot more on fuel than i actually have.

it would be a nice feature for dealing with all expenses not just travel.

would be nice to hear what you all think about this.

This feature has been suggested previously. You can vote for it here: