Option to add incoming payments back into budget

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.


I bought train tickets for my girlfriend and me -£30 each. £60 came off my monthly budget as expected. She then transferred the money for her ticket to me but as far as I can tell there’s no way for me to add that transaction back into the budget, and so my budget is now £30 out. It’s saying I’ve spent £60 rather than £30.

I thought about increasing the total budget by £30 to offset the ‘missing’ £30 - but that doesn’t work as I use the setting to adjust the budget amount/timescales to change with variations to my payday. Changing the total budget to offset the ‘missing’ cash would also provide an inaccurate picture of how much I’m spending.

Also, you can change the category of an incoming payment, but that doesn’t appear to adjust any stats anywhere.


To solve this problem, it’d be great to have a switch on incoming payments to say “add to available budget” or something.

If that’s switched on for a payment, you could also then change the category, so it comes off the monthly spent stats for that category.

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