[Android] Payments assigned to category aren't reflected on budget

Issue: When I receive a payment on my account and assign it to a specific category, the spent amount for the category and the entire budget is never adjusted. When someone pays money into my account I want to adjust the specific category because then the budget goes out of whack.

Details to reproduce: Just send a payment to your monzo account and assign it to a category, the amount spent for that category won’t be adjusted.
OS: Android
Device: Note 9
App Version: 2.13.1



Same here; it seems that this works as it should do for monzo.me payments but not with Other -> Monzo or JA movements. I’ve checked this on CA with JA withdrawals, Monzo-Monzo transfers and Other-Monzo transfers. I’ve also observed the same behaviour on JA summary.

What I have noticed is that you go to the “Transfers” part of the “Summary” and you select a monzo.me received payment and give it a category then it disappears from “Transfers” but then shows in the correct category instead.

OS: Android
Device: OnePlus 5
App Version: 2.13.1

If I look at the current spending period I would expect the family category to show £8 spent in the period but the JA withdrawals are not included in the category.

But if I look at my summary in May/Jun you can see categorised incomings that are monzo.me payments offsetting the outgoings:


@HughWells any idea if this one will get prioritized? Seems like a pretty simple one and would really help getting the budget right…

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Hey :wave:

I’m afraid this isn’t something that is a high priority right now - it would actually require some fairly complex refactoring :disappointed: We are aware of the bug and when we do have more capacity it will be something that gets looked at :raised_hands:

Is this working for some payments/users but not others? Surely it should be turned off altogether if it’s unreliable. How do I know how to budget if I don’t know it’s offsetting the amount?

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It works for P2P but not internal transfers (to/from Joint Account) and FPS

Ah, ok. I think I can work with that. Thanks

Thanks for the response @HughWells, this is unfortunate but please keep us updated if this situation changes. I can confirm that the payment I made was using FPS, what do you mean by P2P? Would that be monzo to monzo or any form of bill splitting?

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From a Monzo account to another Monzo account :slight_smile: The internal version of Monzo Me

Thanks, can you confirm if this works when using monzo.me?

I can confirm that it works with monzo.me, if you categorise a payment then it adds the money to that budget for the month.

It’s the main reason I still use monzo.me for bill splitting with non-Monzo accounts.

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Just adding another +1 here - this is one of my top frustrations as it completely breaks the budgeting feature for me as I regularly pay for joint costs with my non-Monzo friends.

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+1 as well, also frustrated by this. For now I’m working around some transactions using the “Exclude from Summary” option on transactions that I’ve fully refunded from another bank account. Obviously that only covers that specific use case though.

I’ve seen the update about it needs more resource to be able to get this looked into. However, as it’s only got 2 Votes at present, then I can’t see this moving up the backlog very fair :slight_smile:

Suggest people get voting, here’s mine.

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As mentioned elsewhere:
Yes, this just seems really bad – if I spend hypothetically £1,200 and 2 friends each pay me back their share of £400 and I pay the final £400 (400*3=1200) and Monzo just say “oh just exclude it from the spending” summary, this is just so wrong as £400 is a LOT to just “exclude” and just forget about.

This isn’t just a minor thing – it greatly messes up budgeting.

Furthermore: it works if a Monzo member pays me but doesn’t if someone pays me via my Sort and Account number, so why the flippadeedoodah would it not be wanted for bank payments from friends.?!?!?!?!?!

You can vote for the ability to include bank transfers in budget categories here:

Including bank transfers in budget categories would also make an Income category necessary. You can vote for an Income category here:

I really don’t understand how this can require any extra processing for a friend to transfer me from a non Monzo account. I’m manually categorising all the transactions and it knows whether the money goes in or out. Surely basic addition/subtraction is all that is needed.