Exclude income from spending summary

I would like to be able to receive one-off payments and exclude them from my spending summary.

This issue becomes particularly apparent when splitting a bill.

If I split a payment that I’ve excluded from my summary, then the income I receive from the other payees adds a positive balance to my budget and throws off my calculations.

I didn’t even realise this was a problem until reading this. But I did exactly this last night, split a payment and then removed it from summary as someone had paid me back before I had split the transaction. Now I have positive money coming in but the negative payment is ignored.

Just voted for this.

I’m splitting various payments for an upcoming holiday (hotels etc) with my other half. I’ve money set aside in a pot for the holiday, so I’m excluding my payments from Monzo from my monthly budget.

Problem is when I get an incoming payment from the shared tab, it’s being added to my monthly budget. I’d like the option to exclude this too.


  • I spend £100 on a hotel, set to holiday category
  • I exclude this from summary and withdraw £100 from my holiday pot
  • I add the payment to our shared tab
  • I’m sent £50, categorise this as holiday, which I then put straight into my holiday pot
  • I can’t exclude the incoming payment, my budget now says I’ve £50 extra to spend

I had the same issue around Christmas time / January. This is also the case for Tab splitting. It throws off summary and the budget calculations.

I’ve had the same issue, where a settled tab has been added to my monthly budget. With most payments you can choose to exclude from budget summary, but this doesn’t seem to be an option when you click on the payment.

I have found a work around however… I transferred the amount I received from the settled tab into an account with another bank. This removed it from my monthly budget summary. I then set the transaction type to be the same, thus returning the budget for that transaction type to zero. I then sent the money back to my Monzo account, which was added to my account balance but not the monthly budgets tab. Phew!

Obviously would be great to have a ‘exclude from summary’ option instead! Thanks Monzo!


Same issue here. I switched to Monzo and convinced my partner because of shared tab and splitting bill functionality and to be able to control my monthly spending. It’s just impossible to do that with monzo. I was trying to reach them about that but all I got was just another customer service person apologising for long waiting, then I had to explain it from start, then was put on hold for another day just to have the same conversation couple times again. So annoying!

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This has become annoying again!

I’ve received two transfers, one from a friend with and one without Monzo.

The non-Monzo transfer is ignored by summary, the Monzo transfer is bumping my general category up by £40 when this isn’t part of my monthly budget at all.

There definitely should be an “exclude from summary” option for incoming transfers.

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Another vote for this feature, but with a difference. Maybe, rather than splitting a bill, I’m getting a partial refund for something. In this case I don’t want to exclude the original payment and the refund, I want to net the refund off against the spend category. I could do this when I used Yolt as my budgeting tool.

Hi all,

I’ve just posted something kind of similar to this whereby I want to be able to assign an incoming payment to a bill.

Whilst this is a little different, it should work the same way IMO.

I have just searched for answers to this after having the same problem and my search led me here - I have a monthly budget of £500 general spending, however, yesterday my partner transferred me £500 which I moved straight away to my holiday pot. I couldn’t exclude from monthly budget - it therefore looks like I’ve not spent any of my budget this month - highly annoying! The need is definitely there to be able to exclude monzo to monzo payments from summary like you can with purchases on monzo accounts - I was considering going full monzo but it’s little things like this that are stopping me!

It sounds like you both might want this feature which has its own vote here:

Yep, I have this exact issue every single month - meaning Summary is pretty useless for me.

Please, Monzo, this needs to be looked at ASAP given the new design throws Summary right in your face.

With regards to bill splitting and refunds, I think the issue here may be a bit deeper.

Transactions like this should be grouped into a single parent transaction, so that a transaction balance can be calculated and placed into the budget.

Then, excluding the group should effect all component transactions.

I created the Complex Transaction thread as a standalone feature request. If you think it would solve this issue, then give it a vote :wink:

Super annoying. If you split a large bill your budgets for the month are totally useless.

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